Australia’s only solar panel manufacturer resumes exports

Tindo Solar has announced the resumption of exports and the release of its next-generation module.

Tindo had exported to Vietnam since 2018, but this ceased last year. The company cited Covid-19 difficulties and the market anticipating a replacement of Tindo’s 380-watt model.

The new product is a 400-watt, 72-cell solar module, said CEO Shayne Jaenisch, and enquiries from Vietnamese agents had started again.

“Like many buyers of solar panels, our Vietnamese customers have been through the cycle of going for the lowest costs and are now changing their focus to quality and sustainability,” said Jaenisch in a statement.

“Our Australian panels are built to handle the harsh summers, so we have quality cells, quality glass laminate and individual testing of finished panels. We guarantee our panels for 25 years while imported panels have a 10-year warranty.”

He added that Australia needed to develop a manufacturing base to capitalise on the upcoming renewable energy boom. He said there was a need for government support through procurement, citing  India’s Production-Linked Incentive (PLI.)

“The Clean Energy Council expects the Australian solar energy market to grow by between $5 billion and $10 billion per year until 2030, and yet we have one solar panel maker in this country,” said Jaenisch.

 “Even the glass for the panels is imported, although Australia has the best raw materials to make the glass. What industry needs is scale and that requires orders.”

Picture: Tindo Solar

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