The manufacturing that Australia can win

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has plunged our country, and the world, into economic chaos. The impact of the virus has truly challenged the old order and we are being forced to decide what we want the future of Australian manufacturing to look like.

As the fourth largest industry in Australia, manufacturing is critical to rebuilding the health of our economy.

Industry Minister Karen Andrews has recently stated that although COVID-19 highlighted a number of serious sovereign capability gaps, total domestic self-sufficiency shouldn’t be the goal for our future. I agree and believe instead we must mature those niche opportunities that draw on Australia’s own resources and R&D strengths and focus on the manufacturing and broader industrial races we can win, both locally and globally.

The new deal plan for manufacturing – summary and recommendations

The @AuManufacturing new deal plan for manufacturing, crowd sourced from readers and members of the Australian Manufacturing Forum LInkedin group, is released today after two months work. Here we present the plan’s executive summary and core recommendations. The full plan may be downloaded here. After close to three decades of economic growth Australia’s luck has…

A new deal plan for manufacturing – countdown to launch

We are on the countdown to the launch of the Australian Manufacturing Forum and @AuManufacturing new deal plan for manufacturing. The plan, crowd sourced from readers and Forum members, will be released on Monday and available for download through @AuManufacturing news. We received close to 50 substantial submissions, numerous emails and phone calls, and hundreds…

Dear Minister, for sovereign manufacturing capability – start with steel

Comment by Peter Roberts Dear industry minister Karen Andrews, Your government is to be commended for supporting key sovereign industrial capabilities in defence and, now in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, extending that thinking to broader strategic national manufacturing capabilities. With respect, there can be no manufactured product more crucial to Australia’s national sovereign…