It’s not how big your laser is, it’s how you use it: space law is an important part of the fight against space debris

Collisions between objects in orbit are getting harder to avoid. Several technologies for getting space debris out of harm’s way have been proposed, most recently the plan from Australian company Electro Optic Systems (EOS) to use a pair of ground-based lasers to track debris and “nudge” it away from potential collisions or even out of orbit altogether.

Micro-X’s modest sales as product commercialisation accelerates

Cold cathode X-Ray nachine manufacturer Micro-X has notched up modest revenues of $750,000 in the March quarter as it presses ahead with commercialising its unique lightweight, low-power X-Ray emitter technology. The Adelaide company, which has developed the world’s first and only carbon nanotube X-ray emitter, continues to make sales of its first product, the Nano…