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Construction starts on QLD major robotics and advanced manufacturing centre

Manufacturing News

Work has begun on the $40 million Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Centre (RAMC) ‘Big Build’ project at the Eagle Farm TAFE.

The facility is designed to help upskill Queensland’s future manufacturing workforce for upcoming automation and Industry 4.0, the state government said.

The new TAFE is slated for completion late next year, and is aimed at improving specialised training in robotics, advanced manufacturing, process instrumentation, renewable technologies (hydrogen and solar) and telecommunications.

The facility will include specialised robotics, hydrogen, renewable energy and electrotechnology workshops, digital labs, and learning areas.

It is funded under the government’s $100 million Equipping TAFE for our Future Initiative.

The manufacturing industry is currently worth approximately $20 billion per year to the Queensland economy, and this new facility will help futureproof the sector, Manufacturing Skills Queensland CEO Rebecca Andrews said.

“The foresight and investment behind the Eagle Farm TAFE Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Centre is critical for industry futures and MSQ looks forward to working with industry and TAFE Queensland towards delivering our shared goals,” she added.

State Minister for Training and Skills Development Di Farmer said this Big Build project takes QLD one step closer to a new era for robotics and advanced manufacturing training.

“With this new investment, our future Advanced Manufacturing workforce will receive the best training in a high-tech, supportive environment and will gain the necessary skills to take on high-value jobs – in the lab, and on the production line,” Farmer said.

“Young Queenslanders who first started exploring STEM in primary school are now of an age where they’re seeking careers in Industry 4.0 and the new facility is our response to the escalating demand for training in robotics and advanced manufacturing. We want Queensland to be at the forefront of the revolution already underway in the manufacturing sector, which is all about providing sustainable jobs while improving cost, productivity, profitability and operations.






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