Defence innovation accelerator says – find me a leader to challenge the status quo


The recently established Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator in the Department of Defence is on the hunt for its most senior staff – its head and an assistant secretary.

They will lead the organisation which took over disparate defence innovation efforts including the Defence Innovation Hub and Next Generation Technologies Fund.

While these were considered successful, The ASCA aims to build a stronger connection between grant funding and eventual purchase decision by the Australian Defence Force.

According to the APS Jobs website the government is seeking a Head, Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator and an Assistant Secretary Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator (ASCA) Capability Transition

Sought are ‘individuals with a strategic edge to join their Senior Leadership Group…Both roles are based in Canberra.”

Reassuringly – the new Head will re required to ‘effectively and constructively challenge the status quo as required’.

This is a critical requirement as Defence in the past has been a lumbering giant that moves slowly when presented with new ways of doing things.

“Your role: The Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator is transforming the way Defence delivers breakthrough solutions that provide the Australian Defence Force with an asymmetric advantage.

“ASCA will harness Australia’s innovation potential – within an ecosystem that includes Australian industry, research organisations, and government partners – by facilitating the ongoing supply of ideas, technologies and innovation skills, and ensuring they are addressing current and future priority Defence strategic challenges.”

The individuals will have to hit the ground running.

Canberra has already issued its first call to action from the ASCA – it is seeking information to support large scale manufacturing of ‘an Australian sovereign uncrewed aerial system (UAS) and trusted autonomy industrial capability’.

Essentially a drone and the systems needed to manage it on its missions, the ASCA is tasked with developing technology and manufacturing capabilities for domestic manufacture at large-scale.

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Picture: Defence Science and Technology Group

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