Defence partnering for success – Ukraine brings cybersecurity into focus


@AuManufactruring’s sponsored series reporting BAE Systems Australia’s Partnering for success defence industry supplier event, concludes today, with a focus on cyber security. By Nicholas Way

The tragic war in Ukraine has been a catalyst for serious investment in cybersecurity by defence organisations globally, and Australia is no exception.

That’s the view of Tony Howell, Global Chief Architect, Defence & Intelligence, for the Canberra-based, ASX listed archTIS, a global provider of innovative software solutions for the secure collaboration of sensitive information.

According to Howell: “The high-profile Australian example of this cybersecurity focus is the recently announced AUKUS agreement enabling Australia to acquire its first nuclear-powered submarines.

“But it’s much more than submarines, as it will allow Australia to participate in strategic technology development and information sharing as pillar two of the programme.

“In taking this initiative, we’re far from alone. Japan, for example, recently doubled its defence budget from one per cent to two per cent of GDP, as all our allies focus on expanding their defence and cybersecurity capabilities in the wake of the conflict in the Ukraine.”

Howell said a more holistic approach to defence meant that defending national critical infrastructure and data would continue growing in importance.

“A good example is Australia’s Security Legislation Amendment Critical Infrastructure Protection Act or SLACIP Act.

“It expands the list of what institutions are considered ‘critical infrastructure’ and greatly increases the level of protection required for those captured within its definitions, ranging from utilities to financial services, and even food and grocery.

“These businesses are unlikely to build their own custom cybersecurity platforms – it’s just not what they do best. Instead, they’ll look for innovative solutions they can deploy to meet their security needs.”

For archTIS, two of its products, Kojensi and NC Protect platform, are well placed to meet this growing demand for data-centric information security solutions.

Howell said Kojensi was a multi-government certified platform for the secure access, sharing and collaboration of sensitive and classified information, while NC Protect offered enhanced information protection for file access and sharing, messaging, and emailing of sensitive and classified content across Microsoft 365 apps, SharePoint on-premises, Nutanix Files and Windows file shares.

These products are also providing archTIS with an growing entrée into the global network of companies focused on security.

It has worked with the French multinational Thales to offer advanced data security for the Microsoft Purview Information Protection suite and worked together on a joint solution for customers aiming to achieve digital sovereignty.

Released in October 2022, this joint solution is of particular interest to organisations needing to secure highly sensitive data.

Picture: Defence Jobs/Army – cyber specialist

@AuManufacturing’s series Defence industry partnering for success is sponsored by defence sector prime contractor BAE Systems Australia.

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