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First Graphene launches new cement and concrete additives

Manufacturing News

First Graphene has launched three new cement and concrete industry products as it continues R&D in the sector aimed at “reducing CO2 emissions and improving concrete durability”.

The ASX-listed company announced the launch of products marketed as PureGRAPH CEM, PureGRAPH AM, and HexMortar.

The latter product is a “graphene-enhanced dry mix mortar for shotcrete and pumping applications” marketed by New Zealand’s GtM Action.

CEM is a graphene product range designed to be easily incorporated in cement grinding aids and admixtures, and targeted at construction chemical manufacturers. AM, developed with  South Africa’s Nanoproof/Glade Chemicals, is another admixture, described as showing excellent improvements in commercial trials for compressive and flexural strength.

“One of the primary drivers for the adoption of graphene solutions in this segment is the reduction of CO2 emissions,” said Managing Director and CEO Michael Bell in a statement. 

“We’re seeing considerable benefits both in the immediate reductions that can be achieved  through the use of graphene enhanced grinding aids, as well as the potential reductions in concrete usage because of the enhanced physical properties these products provide.” 

The release added that momentum in concrete and cement industry sales were picking up, with an order pipeline of about $175,000 to be fulfilled in coming months, and the recent appointment of Singapore-based Lester Lee as Commercial  Manager – Cement & Concrete.

First Graphene’s primary manufacturing operations are at Henderson, Western Australia. The company is also incorporated in the UK as First Graphene (UK) Ltd, where it is involved in what it calls “one of the largest commercial trials of graphene enhanced cement and concrete globally.”

The UK government-backed “green cement” work is within a consortium including Breedon Cement, Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure, and the University of Manchester, known as “the home of graphene” as two of its scientists first isolated the nanomaterial there in 2004.

Picture: First Graphene

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