Fleet Space’s new 3D print facility aims for space


Satellite IoT communications manufacturer Fleet Space Technologies has brought its 3D printing capability in house to replace outsourcing of printed components including nanosatellite antennas and structural components(pictured).

CEO Flavia Tata Nardini said manufacturing in-house offered huge benefits to the company and its customers.

She said: ‘As well as enabling us to make complex components for our current models and future Alpha satellites, it increases efficiency from design to production, making the whole process more cost-effective – and by being fully autonomous, we can eliminate delays in shipping and sourcing.

“We’re capitalising on our existing knowledge and experience of 3D printing antennas and structural components.”

Tata Nardini said the company planned to further enter the additive manufacturing field.

“As our engineers explore and understand the full potential of 3D printing, we’ll be able to use it to develop new designs and produce circuit boards and other electrical components.

“It’s also another significant step towards our goal of producing a fully 3D printed Alpha satellite.

“The 3D printer is bringing us a step closer to mass production of our 288 satellite constellation where we estimate to produce 4-8 satellites every month.”

Tata Nardini said the company had almlost tripled in size since May last year and now employed 80 at its Adelaide facilities.

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