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Forcite Helmet Systems bought by GoPro

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Smart technology developer GoPro Inc. has bought Forcite Helmet Systems, a pioneer in embedding technology into helmets including those used by motorcycle riders.

The NASDAQ listed company GoPro intends to accelerate Forcite’s vision to provide a safer, more dynamic motorcycling experience through tech-enabled motorcycle helmets with the long-term goal of tech-enabling other categories of helmets over time.

GoPro founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman said: “The greater helmet market represents a meaningful TAM expanding opportunity for GoPro, and we’re excited for the Forcite team to join us so that together we can work towards enhancing the performance and safety of various types of helmets, starting with motorcycle helmets.

“GoPro has built a strong brand internationally across all forms of motorsports and has enjoyed a strong following with motorcycle enthusiasts.

“We’re excited to leverage our brand reputation along with our technical and operational capabilities to address what we believe is a long-term growth opportunity for our business.”

GoPro’s acquisition of Forcite from Australian owners including university commercialisation company Uniseed, is expected to close in Q1 of 2024, subject to customary closing conditions.

Forcite was born in adversity in 2013 when co-founder and CEO Alfred Boyadgis (pictured with co-founder Julian (Jay) Chow), at the time a graduate of industrial design and engineering, took a slide on his Yamaha XVS650 while riding through an oil slick, seriously injuring his knee.

Having had a keen interest in wearable technologies and autonomous computing during his studies, and given the availability of modern, sophisticated tracking technology.

Forcite’s MK1 helmet (pictured) incorporates a high definition (HD) camera, microphone, speakers and uses a handlebar controller.

According to Forcite, its patented RAYDAR helmet system uses this hardware to connect motorcyclists to roads, communities and cities via server-based software.

This leverages AI to gather information from the millions of data points being communicated through mobile applications, GPS and cameras around the world.

GoPro’s Woodman said: “In addition to our plan to develop our own GoPro-branded line of helmets, we are excited to partner with other leading helmet brands to help tech-enable their own helmet lines.

“We have great respect for established brands, and we look forward to working with them to help drive the industry forward, together.”

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Picture: Uniseed/Alfred Boyadgis and Julian (Jay) Chow)

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