LMA and Clearbox Systems integrate military satellite communications


Clearbox Systems and defence contractor Lockheed Martin Australia (LMA) have successfully completed ground segment software integration as part of their work on a sovereign, end-to-end military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) system for defence.

The Canberra communications software and hardware developer integrated its Foresight Centralised Monitoring and Control (CMC) and Electromagnetic Spectrum Management (ESM) applications with LMA’s Integrated Ground Environment demonstrator.

This collaboration under defence project JP9102has included integration with LMA’s control segment software, as well as enhancing Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) applications for cybersecurity and operational capabilities.

Lockheed Martin Space JP9102 program director Chris Jewell said: “By investing in systems integration at this early stage, LMA is minimising technical risk and ensuring it can more seamlessly deliver an operationally superior MILSATCOM solution in a timeframe that meets defence’s schedule requirements.

“Lockheed Martin Australia’s enduring relationship with Clearbox is representative of our broader commitment to investing in and developing the capabilities of Australian SMEs, and strengthening the nation’s defence and space industries.”

The successful integration represents a key milestone and helps mitigate technical risk across the ground and control segments of the system, underpinning project execution on schedule and budget.

LMA and Clearbox are demonstrating an increasingly mature relationship between multi-national and SME, part of LMA’s commitment to Australian industry by readying SMEs for work with defence and prime contractors alike.

Clearbox CEO Matt Collins-Leslie said: “It’s a win-win situation, providing Lockheed Martin Australia access to world-leading software solutions, and Clearbox access to the resources needed to grow our team and expand our offering.”

In addition to Clearbox, LMA has engaged a network of local industry for JP9102, including Av-Comm, Blacktree, Calytrix Technologies, Conscia, DXC, EM Solutions, Inovor Technologies, Linfox, Ronson Gears, Shoal Group and STEM Punks.

Picture: Clearbox Systems

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