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Covid-19 treatment tests begin for Noxopharm’s Veyonda

Drug developer Noxopharm’s Veyonda drug has been tested as a treatment for Covid-19 on its first human patients. The Phase 1 clinical trials of Veyonda, an experimental anti-cancer formulation of the drug idronoxi, is being conducted in a number of hospitals in Eastern Europe. This came after research at Melbourne’s Hudson Institute of Medical Research which suggested an anti-inflammatory effect of the drug might have an impact on the pandemic virus.

EOS reveals power of anti-drone laser weapon

Defence company Electro Optic Systems has revealed the power of an anti-drone laser weapon first reported by @AuManufacturing in August. The directed energy (DE) weapon will come from a 26 kW laser, according to a report in Australian defence Magazine, and will be launched in November. The weapon could be scaled up to 50kW, and will be manufactured in-house. It could destroy a drone at a distance of 1.5 kilometres.

Australian Strategic Materials produces high purity dysprosium metal

Australian Strategic Materials and its partner Ziron Technology Corporation have produced produced 7.5kg of a high purity dysprosium metal alloy from ore mined at Dubbo, New South Wales. The metal, which adds to other permanent magnet metals praseodymium and neodymium refined previously, was produced at the company’s commercial pilot plant in South Korea. ASM is now moving on to zirconium metal production.

Lumos in $25 million capital raise ahead of planned IPO

Lumos Diagnostics has closed an oversubscribed $25 million capital raise. The Planet Innovation subsidiary and maker of rapid, fingerprick-based point-of-care diagnostic equipment was backed by “a combination of institutional funds, including Perennial Value and Ellerston Capital, and sophisticated investors.” Among planned activities is an expansion of its manufacturing in California and Florida, and an ASX listing next year.

Picture: Air Power Development Centre Australia/US Navy test of laser shoot down system

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