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Mining analysis drives XRF Scientific growth

Scientific equipment and chemicals manufacturer XRF Scientific (picture) has ridden a wave of increased mining and industrial activity, as well as geographic growth, to report a 30 per cent growth in March quarter profit of $2.8 million compared to the previous corresponding period of $2.2 million, on revenue up 43 percent to $13.5 million. The company manufactures analytical equipment and chemicals for mines, construction materials companies and laboratories. Sales of capital equipment was $3.9 million in the quarter compared to the pcp of $2.8 million. XRF’s Orbis’ mining laboratory crushers mainly used in the gold sector saw strong sales momentum, and precious metals was higher at $5 million. Consumables netter $4.6 million in the quarter. Profit for the year to day stands at $8.2 million on revenue up 45 percent to $40.5 million. XRF Scientific manufactures in Perth, Melbourne, Europe and Canada.

Tangara train replacement will begin in this term – NSW government

NSW Transport Minister Jo Haylen has confirmed that the replacements for Sydney’s Tangara double-decker suburban trains will be built in NSW. Haylen took to social media to confirm that procurement activities would begin within the first term of the new Labor state government. Haylen said the original Tangaras were built in Newcastle 35 years ago. She said: There’ve been the workhorse of our Sydney Trains fleet ever since. When we build things here, they last.” The previous LNP government has been criticised by @AuManufacturing for procuring trains, trams and ferries from overseas – often resulting in cost overruns and substandard rolling stock.

ReNu Energy ups investment in battery casing maker Vaulta

Low carbon sector investment company ReNu Energy has invested a second tranche of a further $250,000 in battery casing manufacturer Vaulta Holdings, increasing its holding in the company to 10 percent. The company is now entitled to nominate a director to the board of the Brisbane company. Vaulta’s casing technology reduces the number of parts used to make a battery from more than 20 to a ‘few’, cutting manufacturing costs. This is the fifth in Renu’s portfolio of renewable and clean energy investment, with the Vaulta investment billed as giving it exposure to a technology that reduces the creation of battery waste.

Regalvanize corroding metals, don’t throw them out – Galvanizers Association

The Galvanizers Association of Australia has told users that rather than simply throwing out corroding galvanised metals, it is often better to simply regalvanize. In an article in the Engineers Australia publication Create, the association’s Corrosion and Sustainability Officer Ann Sheehan said regalvanizing eliminated the need to manufacture a new product. She said: “If the steel’s original coating has been consumed and you’re reinstating a galvanized coating, that’s going to last as long as the original coating did. Regalvanizing is an excellent, cost-effective and sustainable solution.” According to industry standards, hot-dip galvanized coatings can last up to 50 years in rural environments and up to 25 years in more corrosive environments. Electro-galvanized coatings are thinner and more uniform, and can last up to 20 years in rural environments and up to 10 years in more corrosive environments.

Lanotec celebrates quarter-century

Multi-purpose lubricants and protectants company Lanotec is celebrating its 25th anniversary, launching a new range of specialist environmentally-friendly products based on lanolin, an organic substance produced by sheep to shield the coating on their fleece. Lanotec sells domestically as well as throughout South-East Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. The three new products were named as MPX, a multi-purpose consumer lubricant and penetrant, MGX, for use in the marine setting, and EGX, which has been specially designed for electrical applications. Each is available in 300g aerosol, 600ml spray packs, and 5-litre bulk pack sizes. “Over the years, Lanotec’s range has found favour across many Australian industries because they are non-toxic, biodegradable, and adaptable to use safely in many different applications,” said Robert Doncon, the company’s General Manager. “More and more, people understand the advantages of moving away from petrochemical options to environmentally friendly solutions, while equally important is the ability to support Australian-made products.”

AML3D strikes reseller agreement with Phillips in the US

AML3D has announced the signing of a value-added reseller (“VAR”) agreement with Phillips Corporation, specifically targeting
US federal government clients. It described Phillips as “a leading service provider and manufacturing reseller partner” to federal clients, said it would focus exclusively on reselling AML3D’s ARCEMY systems to such clients, including the US Navy, Airforce and Army. AML3D said Phillips would be upskilled to provide ARCEMY service and support in the US alongside the AML3D team for a VAR deal lasting 18 months and renewable after the initial term. Under the agreement, “AML3D will not pay a distribution fee to Phillips, however Phillips, through this reseller agreement, will achieve a margin based on the difference in price between the
sale price to the end customer and the wholesale price that AML3D supplies the ARCEMY systems.”

Picture: XRF Scientific

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