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Memphasys receives first order from Vitrolife in Japan

Manufacturing News

Reproductive health technology company Memphasys has announced the first order of Felix System products placed by Vitrolife Japan, the local subsidiary of Sweden’s Vitrolife Group.

Memphasys said on Monday that the order was for 150 Felix System cartridges, to be supplied to five key opinion leader (KOL) clinics in Japan. 

Felix is described as using electrophoresis in combination with size exclusion membranes to separate sperm from semen for use in IVF in six minutes, without damaging sperm DNA. The system is made up of a console and a sterile, disposable cartridge

Vitrolife will provide training to operators at the five clinics.

Memphasys said the order followed the recent execution of an exclusive distribution agreement for Vitrolife to sell and distribute Felix in Japan. Before this, Memphasys had already established early sales in Japan with one clinic having placed two orders of Felix and considering a third.

Japan is an early access market for Memphasys Felix is not covered under the country’s insurance system. The Australian company can sell to clinics offering private services, which are the initial targets.

The company’s first product is currently being sold “in certain early access international markets whilst clinical study and/or regulatory processes are underway for higher regulatory markets.”

According to its website, Memphasys has a five-year product development pipeline including devices for use in artificial reproduction, and diagnostic products for male and female fertility.

Picture: credit Memphasys

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