Nova Systems plans SME summit to help grow sovereign defence sector


Defence industry technology group Nova Systems has revealed plans for an inaugural SME summit to grow and scale sovereign Australian defence capability.

The company has invited Australian owned and operated defence Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to attend the inaugural SME Summit which will coincide with the Indo Pacific maritime defence conference in Sydney next month.

The SME Summit and will see prominent defence and industry leaders share their insights into how sovereign SMEs can drive better performance and capitalise opportunities to become more resilient and relevant in the Australian defence industry landscape.

Nova Systems CEO, Jim McDowell said: “Australian SMEs have the advantage of being innovative and incredibly nimble, with the ability to make fast decisions, a massive advantage when it comes to implementing new technology and capability.

“As a sovereign industry leader, bringing together a concentration of Australian defence capabilities creates opportunities for SMEs to grow and creates more choice for the defence client.

“Having grown from a two-person start-up to a global organisation, with a supply chain of more than 350 local suppliers, 90 per cent of whom are Australian owned and controlled, we understand the challenges SMEs are facing, having experienced them ourselves.”

Speakers include:

  • Jim McDowell, CEO, Nova Systems
  • Rear Admiral Wendy Malcolm, Head of Maritime Systems, Capability Acquisition and
    Sustainment Group
  • Team Norsta representatives including Norship, Tropical Reef Shipyard and Secora
  • And Bec Humble, Chief of Strategy and Corporate Affairs, Nova Systems.

The summit kicks off at 10.00am on Wednesday, 11 May 2022 at Sydney’s National Maritime Museum. Register here.

McDowell said: “Post-pandemic, and with an increasingly uncertain global climate, it’s as important as ever that Australia builds sovereign capability and becomes more self-sufficient.

“A truly sovereign Australian enterprise’s profits that are generated from Australian defence
projects to deliver capability to our forces stays in-country and is reinvested in future defence
capability, contributing to the national economy and jobs for Australians – for the benefit of this
generation and beyond.”

Picture: Jim McDowell at the inauguration of Nova Systems Space Precinct in mid-north South Australia

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