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Omni Tanker achieves baffling world first

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Specialised tank container and road tanker equipment maker Omni Tanker has announced delivery of a world-first build with strong export implications: a novel triple road train tanker offering a 15 per cent capacity improvement.

Three such sets have been delivered to Townsville Logistics so far, Omni Tanker said in a statement on Wednesday, for use in heavy acid transport across Northern Australia.

Townsville Logistics is a subsidiary of South Korea’s Korea Zinc.

An important feature in the tankers is new mould-in-baffles, first conceived of five years ago, said Omni Tanker. These improve safety by managing the movement of fluid (surge) in the road tankers. 

The world-leading baffles have type approval, “with unit builds completed for Australian road trains in late 2022, followed by first type approval for European Swap Tanks under the European ADR (Road) and RID (Rail) in early 2023” according to the company.

“Mick Murray Welding was crucial in achieving project success for our first product in the mining sector. They knew what the mining industry demanded, and they knew the harsh operating conditions they operate in, so it made absolute sense to combine Omni Tanker’s lightweight tanks with their high-tensile steel-skeletal trailers,” said CEO and Founder of Omni Tanker, Daniel Rodgers.

“Via advanced manufacturing techniques and outstanding partners, we were able to boost the payload carrying capacity of road tankers for chemical liquids from the current 85 tonnes per load, typical of stainless-steel tanks, to 98 tonnes – a fifteen per cent uplift.” 

The mould-in-baffles are based on a moulding process producing an internal baffle at the same time as the lining of the tank, leaving no seams or joins associated with the baffle joining the tank wall. The interior lining of the tank is weld-free as a result.

The large amount of applied research and development for the baffles was made under a Global Innovation Linkage (GIL) grant project with University of NSW and beginning in 2019. 

Under that project, Omni Tanker undertook design, prototype testing and certification of the structures, with UNSW employing a postdoctoral researcher for modelling production processes and surge in service.

The company — which was named a Top 10 Gold Award winner last week in @AuManufacturing‘s Australia’s 50 most innovative manufacturers list — said it saw “vast international potential” from the breakthrough.

“We’re doing world firsts here in Australia – combining advanced manufacturing technology with aerospace materials and heavy-duty trailers to deliver game-changing liquid payloads for the critical minerals processing industry,” said Rodgers.

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