Q-CTRL to demonstrate quantum control technology


Sydney start-up Q-CTRL will demonstrate its performance-boosting quantum computer infrastructure software in a real-world problem at the Australian Army’s inaugural Quantum Technologies Challenge later this month.

Q-CTRL derives from research extensively funded by universities and the federal government, and applies the principles of control engineering to power quantum technology.

Quantum computing stores information at the sub-atomic level, but so far the bits or “qubits” that store information are prone to error.

This poses a roadblock to broader application of this advanced technology according to Q-CTRL.

The company will showcase how techniques in quantum control can help achieve the greatest possible computational performance from today’s small-scale and imperfect quantum computers.

To illustrate the solution’s flexibility and advantages, the company will demonstrate improved outcomes when using quantum computing to solve the computationally challenging problem of efficiently resupplying multiple locations using unmanned ground vehicles.

Q-CTRL CEO Michael J. Biercuk said: “Our solution delivers real performance boosts in a problem that has real impact for defense missions.

“Effective and efficient supply chains are essential to any successful military endeavor, and we are focused on accelerating the development and performance of quantum computers to make them relevant for defense in the next few years, rather than the next few decades.”

The army’s quantum challenge, to be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on April 20, aims to leverage Australia’s national strategic strength in the emerging quantum industry for defense.

The event is designed to enable army officials to issue specific challenges that test hypotheses of quantum technology applications in land operations as well as providing a forum for networking and the exchange of ideas among the quantum technology community.

Q-CTRL builds quantum control infrastructure software for quantum technology end-users and R&D professionals.

Q-CTRL is funded by SquarePeg Capital, Sierra Ventures, Sequoia Capital China, Data Collective, Horizons Ventures, Main Sequence Ventures and In-Q-Tel.

Picture: Q-CTRL

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