RAAF base and Airbus create common workforce for niche trades


Defence has signed an Edinburgh Aerospace Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Enterprise Common Services Deed with Airbus Australia Pacific to create a common workforce for niche trades at RAAF Edinburgh.

The Deed will initially create an integrated workforce through a single, common provider for niche trades, with the potential for expansion for additional common services to support the base’s P-8A Poseidon, MC-55 Peregrine and MQ-4C Triton capabilities.

Director General Aerospace Surveillance and Response, Air Commodore Jason Agius said the Deed would result in economies of scale and better efficiency for limited facilities and the niche trade workforce in South Australia.

Air Commodore Agius said: “The Edinburgh ISR precinct is home to some of the most advanced airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms in the world.

“This Deed signed with Airbus Australia Pacific today will enable more efficient support for our Air Force ISR fleets in South Australia and encourage further integration between our industry partners.”

Air Commodore Agius said the integrated workforce at the sub-contractor level between Prime Contractors would provide greater flexibility for industry to respond to Defence’s needs across capabilities as required.

“This initiative provides a framework to increase the efficiency of a workforce to support multiple small fleets of aircraft and provides a basis for the extension of support to additional platforms if required.”

The Edinburgh Aerospace ISR Enterprise was established in 2021 to enable a more integrated industry base for the support of the P-8A Poseidon, MC-55 Peregrine and MQ-4C Triton capabilities.

Picture: Defence SA: Edinburgh defence precinct

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