RAAF space division officially announced

A Space Division within the Royal Air Australian Air Force was officially announced on Wednesday.

According to a statement, the new division will include personnel from all areas within Defence, reflecting the importance of space, and begin operating early next year. 

Air Force chief Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld, said space was critical to defence’s operations, and used daily “for understanding the weather, navigating, access to geospatial information and sharing information across Australia or across the world.”

“Defence is delivering capabilities including Space domain awareness, sovereign controlled satellite communications and Space-based Earth observation, and navigation,” Hupfield added.

“The Government has committed to significantly increasing investment in Defence’s Space capabilities by investing around $7 billion this decade to ensure our access to Space, Space services and geospatial information.

“Defence will need capabilities that directly contribute to outcomes in Space as a contested domain, however this does not mean that Defence encourages the militarisation of Space.”

The Space Division’s incoming head beginning January 2022, Air Vice-Marshal Cath Roberts, was announced a week ago. 

Roberts is currently conducting a Space Domain Review “to improve how Space capabilities are managed, acquired and operated.”

Picture: Electro Optic Systems/Guide Star Laser in operation at Mt Stromlo.

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