SEA Electric lifts truck production in US

Electric truck drivetrain manufacturer SEA Electric has wasted no time expanding its assembly operations in the United States where it has the potential to assemble more than 60,000 electric trucks a year, according to media reports.

A report in said the company has upfitting facilities in Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Indiana and California.

California also recently became the new home for SEA Electric’s headquarters.

“The company also has plans to expand its battery assembly capabilities, and will add a technical center in Des Moines, Iowa, and offices in Chicago, Brooklyn, New York, and Miami before August, SEA Electric officials said in a press release.

“By adding further assembly capability in the U.S., SEA Electric has created the potential to assemble approximately 60,000 electric trucks per year.”

SEA Electric manufactures its SEA-Drive power-systems in Melbourne and assembles trucks on various manufacturers’chassis there.

In October SEA Electric announced a venture with Toyota offshoot Hino to develop a new electric class 5 truck built on a Hino chassis equipped with a SEA electric drive system.

In March the company raised $54 million to supercharge its market expansion as a global player in the rapid switch to electric powered trucks and vans. quoted SEA Electric president Tony Fairweather: “Our own SEA-badged trucks – including the SEA 300 and SEA 500 in Australia – are derived from OEM semi knock-down kits, creating further efficiencies to pass on to our customer base whilst supporting rapid OEM expansion into this segment.”

SEA offers three medium-size electric truck models through a dozen authorized dealers in Australia, while more than 220 U.S. dealers are available to support the North American market needs.

SEA Electric’s vice president of the Asia Pacific Glen Walker explained the commercial arrangement as a semi knock down (SKD) assembly operation – creating SKD glider kits – a three-way process that begins with the cab, frame rails, wheels and axle components arriving in Australia.

On arrival they are assembled to provide a rolling chassis to support the appropriate proprietary SEA-Drive power-system to create a completely assembled SEA Electric-branded vehicle. The vehicles are then ready for distribution.

Walker said: “Our agreements in the U.S. go one step further.

“We are utilizing SKD and local glider assembly to set the benchmark for ongoing programs in North America and other SEA Electric markets around the world.”

Picture: SEA Electric

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