Skyborne Technologies’ Cerberus GHL drone for Ukraine – report


Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) company Skyborne Technologies’ Cerberus GHL drone is to be deployed in Ukraine according to reports in Murdoch media channels.

Brisbane based Skyborne Technologies, which has been exhibiting the drone in European defence shows in recent weeks, will export its flagship Tri-Tilt rotor UAV.

The company describes the Cerberus GHL as ‘the first man-packable aerial fire support UAS platform on the market’.

According to chief executive Michael Creagh: “It’s spy in the sky technology that infantry under fire on the front line can use to hit back – it can wipe out entire squads.”

In August Skyborne Technologies was awarded contract from the US Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) for feature development on the Cerberus armed UAS platform.

The Cerberus is the only Group 2 (21 – 55 lbs), man-packable system capable of firing onboard weapons for infantry fire support, and then returning to the operator for reloading.

Creagh said: “We are starting to see examples of small reloadable armed drones making their way into test and evaluation and even theatre in global conflicts.

“These grenade-dropping drones suffer from accuracy and survivability problems.

“The MCWL contract execution will improve on the natural accuracy and survivability advantages Cerberus has.”

The Cerberus also has many advantages over Loitering Munitions, particularly around cost per shot, operational flexibility, and the ability to conduct battle damage assessments from the weapons platform itself.

Picture: Cerberus GHL drone

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