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Space Machines Company purchases navigation system from Inovor

Manufacturing News

Space logistics business Space Machines Company has announced a purchase of Inovor Technologies’ navigation system, Star Tracker, which will be integrated into SMC’s orbital servicing vehicle, Optimus. 

Star Tracker “will play a pivotal role in enhancing the navigation capabilities of Optimus” according to SMC, which plans to provide transportation and other in-space services following its launch on the SpaceX Transporter-10 early-next year. 

“Our Star tracker’s high-precision, low-power attitude sensor designed and manufactured in-house provides unparalleled accuracy by precisely determining the spacecraft’s orientation,” said Dr Matthew Tetlow, Founder & CEO of Inovor Technologies, in a statement on Thursday. 

According to SMC, the partnership between the two companies “exemplifies Space Machines Company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of space technology and underscores the company’s dedication to leveraging local Australian expertise.”

CEO and co-founder Rajat Kulshrestha added that the partnership also represented an important moment for the advancement of Australia’s space industry. 

“Working closely with leading local space pioneers like Inovor Technologies will not only generate world-leading space exploration technologies driven by enhanced accuracy and a reliable navigation system but will facilitate a new standard for local collaboration that defines the future of Australia’s space industry,” he added.

Picture: credit Space Machines Company

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