Steel city sets 2050 carbon neutrality goal

Wollongong, home to Bluescope Steel’s Port Kembla operation, has set a goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Wollongong City Council is the 26th Australian council to set whole-of-community carbon reduction targets, reports the ABC. The NSW government also committed itself in 2016 to a goal of net zero emissions by 2050.


Bluescope produces 6 million tonnes of steel per year in Australia, with half of this at Port Kembla. It is the 15th-largest emitter of carbon by company in Australia, at 7 million tonnes, and contributes 1.4 per cent of total carbon emissions. 


“BlueScope has acknowledged that we are a way off less carbon-intensive steelmaking in terms of a technological solution, so that is where we need to look to others including council to reduce their emissions,” said Illawarra Business Chamber executive officer Adam Zarth in response to the council’s 2050 goal.


Bluescope has a target of a 1 per cent per year decrease in emissions intensity to 2030. Its CEO Mark Vasella believes the chemistry required for steelmaking – using coking coal – means commercial low-emissions steelmaking is some way off.


Picture: Bluescope


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