Fibres and composites transforming industry – Introduction to our new editorial series

@AuManufacturing launches its new editorial series today. It will look at work done to make better products with fibres and composites, ranging from the laboratory to the factory floor, as well as the increased focus on end-of-life products. Editor Brent Balinski looks at some of the recent and potential future success in the genre.

Demand for rare-earth metals is skyrocketing, so we’re creating a safer, cleaner way to recover them from old phones and laptops

Our team in collaboration with the research centre Tecnalia in Spain has developed a way to use environmentally friendly chemicals to recover rare-earth metals. It involves a process called “electrodeposition”, in which a low electric current causes the metals to deposit on a desired surface.

Gilmour to work with EOS-backed company on space comms

SpaceLink and Gilmour Space have executed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on using SpaceLink’s relay network on Gilmour’s G-class satellite platform.

Recce Pharmaceuticals to test for burn healing

Anti-infective drug development company Recce Pharmaceuticals is to test its lead compound RECCE 327 (R327) in a study of topical burn healing in humans. The company has been registered in the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trial Registry (ANZCTR), one of the final stages before Phase I/II clinical trials may begin. The Company’s clinical trial is…

SKA radio telescope gets $387 million shot in the arm

By James Riley The Prime Minister Scott Morrison has committed a further $387 million to the massive Square Kilometre Array radio telescope in Western Australia’s Murchison region, including $64 million that will underwrite a new supercomputing centre. The square kilometre array project, which was conceived in the 1990s and designed in the late 2010s, includes…

It’s not how big your laser is, it’s how you use it: space law is an important part of the fight against space debris

Collisions between objects in orbit are getting harder to avoid. Several technologies for getting space debris out of harm’s way have been proposed, most recently the plan from Australian company Electro Optic Systems (EOS) to use a pair of ground-based lasers to track debris and “nudge” it away from potential collisions or even out of orbit altogether.

Wollongong researchers get backing for space radiation project

University of Wollongong sensor specialists are part of a project monitoring radiation on lunar missions, which has earned 400,000 Euro (about $250,000) in support from the European Space Agency.

Micro-X’s modest sales as product commercialisation accelerates

Cold cathode X-Ray nachine manufacturer Micro-X has notched up modest revenues of $750,000 in the March quarter as it presses ahead with commercialising its unique lightweight, low-power X-Ray emitter technology. The Adelaide company, which has developed the world’s first and only carbon nanotube X-ray emitter, continues to make sales of its first product, the Nano…

QLD company’s COVID tests get European approval

Queensland biotech firm AnteoTech has gained European accreditation for its rapid COVID-19 testing platform and will now move to commercialising products as it waits to receive accreditation from Australian health authorities.

All Smarties packaging will now be recyclable paper: Nestle

Nestle in Australia and the rest of the world will now exclusively use recyclable paper packaging for its range of Smarties products.

Li-S Energy raises cash before planned listing

Li-S Energy has raised $20 million in capital in preparation for a planned IPO listing on the stock market to further its innovative battery technology. The company, part of the PPK Group, raised the cash from sophisticated investors to support development of advanced batteries based on lithium sulphide chemistry and the group’s boron nitride nanotube…

HiTemp report examines opportunities to cut emissions in heavy industry

A new report published by the University of Adelaide has identified promising ways to decarbonise heavy industry and produce energy-intensive products — such as steel, cement and aluminium — using greener energy sources.

More coal-fired power or 100% renewables? For the next few decades, both paths are wrong

By James Ha, Grattan Institute The big question facing Australia’s National Electricity Market is how to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 without disrupted energy supplies or skyrocketing prices. Some say coal-fired power will be needed. Others say 100% renewable electricity is the way to go. But our new report released today argues neither path is…

Research shows 3D bioprinted seaweed molecules can help heal 

A collaboration by a team of scientists and Venus Shell System has identified biomolecules from seaweed that can be used in 3D printed ink and aid in wound healing.

Aurora project further pared back to battery storage first stage

Thermal energy storage development company 1414 Degrees has restructured its Aurora Energy Project which aims to ultimately use molten silicon to store electrical energy for release into the National Electricity Market (NEM). The company has employed additional energy market expertise to refine its business model for the project, which is to be built in stages…

Boost for Brisbane medtech hub

The Queensland government has given special permission for an expansion of the Translational Research Institute, according to a report.

The US is worried about its critical minerals supply chains – essential for electric vehicles, wind power and the nation’s defence

Natural disasters, civil unrest, trade disputes and company failures can all disrupt a mineral supply chain and the many products that depend on it – making many critical minerals a national security priority.

Lepidico announces new lithium carbonate process, files for patent protection

Lithium chemicals company Lepidico has announced the development of a new proprietary process for producing high purity, battery grade lithium carbonate from lithium hydroxide. The process sequesters and consumes upstream generated carbon dioxide, thus reducing the processes’ carbon intensity. The Perth company has applied for provisional patent protection from the Australian Patent office. Lepidico plans…

Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Hub turns one

Brisbane’s Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Hub has marked its first year of operating and noted a “huge and growing appetite for Australian businesses to innovate.”

Synchrotron reveals ways to improve electron flow in polymers

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation’s advanced X-ray techniques have revealed new structural details about the arrangement of atoms in conjugated polymers, an important class of materials that are used in LEDs, organic solar cells, transistors, sensors and thermoelectric power devices. The research, conducted at ANSTO’s Australian Synchrotron in Melbourne, offers the possibility of…

Adbri joins Calix to develop zero-emission lime production

By Peter Roberts @AuManufacturing has been extensively covering moves globally towards low and zero emissions cement and steel production. Removing carbon emissions from these vital construction materials is vital if the world economy is to transition to a greener future. Now a new agreement between industrial process technology company Calix and major cement producer Adbri…

Australian-made rocket to take Australian-made satellite into orbit in 2023

Fleet Space Technologies and Gilmour Space Technologies have announced plans to put six nanosatellites in orbit in 2023. The contract signing announcement follows news last week of the launch of Fleet’s fifth nanosatellite, aboard Rocket Lab’s They Go Up So Fast mission from New Zealand’s Māhia Peninsula. Fleet plans to eventually have 140 such satellites…

Spee3D teases upcoming simulator release, “Spee3Dcraft”

Darwin/Melbourne-based additive manufacturing company Speed3D has announced that it will release a free-to-download simulator on April 16.

Global startups join Australia’s first dedicated space incubator program

Nine companies have been selected for a place in the Venture Catalyst Space program to help them grow into space industry leaders.

New project could reshore essential medicine production, say participants

DMTC and Boron Molecular have announced a project that they say could lead to onshore manufacturing of “many, if not most” of the drugs on the World Health Organization’s essential medicines list, rapidly and at scale.

Australia is at a crossroads in the global hydrogen race – and one path looks risky

There’s great excitement about Australia potentially producing hydrogen as a clean fuel at large scale, for export to countries such as Germany, Japan and South Korea.

A second Australian rare earths power is born

By Peter Roberts A patch of dirt in Dubbo, NSW and a lot of hard work are starting to pay off as a second Australian rare earths producer becomes a reality in the form of Australian Strategic Materials. In the past week ASM received firm commitments from sophisticated investors to raise $65 million to kick-start…

Aussie space race reaches North American markets

Space data company Myriota has this week taken a leap into the US and Canadian markets with its plan to connect remote sensors across the globe with the Internet of Things.

Nourish brings fake meat closer with animal-free fats and oils

CSIRO-backed non-animal based foods business Nourish Ingredients has raised $14.5 million (US$11 million) in seed funding to accelerate commercialsation of its animal-free fermented fats and oils. CEO James Petrie said the company has secured an initial funding round co-led by leading venture capitalists Horizons Ventures and Main Sequence Ventures. Main Sequence is the venture arm…

Solar thermal energy storage tech gets economic validation, US government backing

A method of storing solar energy developed by an Australian/United States research team has gained modelling showing its affordability as well as US government backing for a 1MW demonstration plant.

Southern Launch gets first ever launch facility licence

Southern Launch has become the first company to be granted a rocket launch facility licence by the federal government, opening the way for commercial sub-orbital launches from its Koonibba Test Range in regional South Australia (pictured). Industry minister Karen Andrews said today ensuring a regulatory framework that balances safety and entrepreneurism is crucial to growing…

Fleet Space Technologies launches fifth satellite

Adelaide-based satellite manufacturer Fleet Space Technologies have successfully launched their fifth commercial nanosatellite and are looking to expand production in Australia.

Energy Renaissance to lead project developing new battery management system

Energy Renaissance, which plans to soon become Australia’s first maker of lithium ion batteries, is developing a defence-grade battery management system in collaboration with the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre and the CSIRO. The $1.46 million project will develop the “nerve centre” of a battery, collecting and analysing information on a system’s health and usage…

Hypersonix, Boeing sign agreement on hydrogen-powered, hypersonic craft for satellite launch

Australian startup Hypersonix has announced an agreement with aerospace giant Boeing to investigate the design of a reusable, hydrogen-powered, hypersonic vehicle to take satellites into low-earth orbit.

Quantum Brilliance brings quantum power to supercomputer

Australian National University spin-out Quantum Brilliance is to add elements of quantum computing capabilities to one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers housed at Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in Perth. Quantum Brilliance will install what it says is the world’s first diamond quantum computing accelerator at the Centre. Accelerators do not require near absolute zero temperatures…

Australian 3D printer installed in El Salvador

Spee3D has broken into the Latin American market, with one of their machines to be installed at the 3D In Metal printing service bureau in El Salvador.

AnteoTech rapid test sensitive to Covid-19

Nanotechnology company AnteoTech has reported positive results from studies to assess the accuracy of its Covid-19 (SARS- CoV2) Antigen Rapid Test. The test is a disposable immunochromatographic test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid antigen in specimens, allowing the diagnosis of Covid-19 in the early stages of infection. Brisbane-based AnteoTech reported a clinical study of…

Calix raises funds to speed battery research

Industrial process technology company Calix has raised $14 million from investors to speed its battery development program and accelerate other areas of business development. The company has received commitments from investors for $14 million, and also plans to offer existing shareholders new equity, raising an additional $3 million. Calix is involved in a number of…

AML3D and Austal produce additive vessel component

Additive manufacturer AML3D and shipbuilder Austal have had a 3D printed marine component independently tested and verified. The three metre long personal recovery davit (crane, pictured) was designed and manufactured by AML3D at its Adelaide factory utilising its wire additive manufacturing (WAM) technology. AML3D utilised the company’s design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) platform to produce…

Global 3D printing market still grew 7.5 per cent during 2020

Additive manufacturing consultancy Wohlers Associates has released its 26th annual Wohlers Report, finding that the global AM industry continued to grow during a difficult 2020. According to the firm’s research, the market for 3D printing equipment, services and materials grew 7.5 per cent to $US 12.8 billion. This compares to an average annual growth rate…

Digitalisation drives manufacturing progress – WEF

By Peter Roberts Factory digilisation is the key driver of a resilient and competitive manufacturing sector. Leading manufacturers use digital capabilities to find new revenue streams and increase product output, matching their focus on advanced technology with building workforce skills. The World Economic Forum calls the leaders in the field Global Lighthouses, and this week…

Three NSW companies awarded $1.1 million in Moon to Mars supply chain grants

The first two grants have been awarded under the federal government’s Supply Chain Capability Improvement program to will help develop technology in edge computing and inertial navigation for use in space.

Shape-shifting robots in the wild: the DyRET robot can rearrange its body to walk in new environments

Our proof of concept has powerful implications for the future of robotic design, unlocking currently impossible environments that are very challenging and variable. Future shape-shifting robots might be used on the sea floor, or for long-term missions in space.

Monash-led team to develop new facility for construction robotics

A new facility will be developed by an interdisciplinary team from seven Australian universities, and will feature a collection of collaborative robots completing prefabrication, assembly and building tasks for the construction industry.

Altech’s breakthrough in silicon battery technology

Advanced materials company Altech Chemicals has succeeded in applying a nano layer coating of alumina to silicon particles typical of particles used to manufacture anodes of lithium-ion batteries. This follows the successful application of the coating to graphite particles, also used in battery manufacture. The Perth company, which mines at Meckering in Western Australia and…

Clean tech: the great green opportunity?

It’s one of six manufacturing sectors the federal government acknowledges as holding “comparative advantage and strategic importance,” and it’s seeing unprecedented levels of investment around the world. Brent Balinski looks at the promise of clean technology. 

Amaero sources specialised 3D printing alloys

Metal additive manufacturing specialist Amaero International is to source an aluminium-scandium alloy for 3D printing from mining giant Rio Tinto. The alloy, the first commercial batch of the high performance alloy sold by Rio, will be processed by Amaero into powder for 3D printing and offered to the market for high temperature applications. The alloy…

UNSW researcher awarded for environmentally-friendly solar cell work

A University of NSW solar energy researcher has received an Australian Academy of Science honorific award for her world record-setting work in environmentally-friendly semiconductor cells.

A global semiconductor shortage highlights a troubling trend

It might not seem important that 88% of the semiconductor chips used by U.S. industries, including the automotive and defense industries, are fabricated outside the U.S. However, three issues make where they are made critical to the U.S. as the global leader in electronics: lower capability, high global demand and limited investment.

Prohelion to manufacture Tritium’s solar racing products

Prohelion will make solar racing products from fast charger company Tritium under the Prohelion brand.

Parliamentary space inquiry to hold public hearing on Wednesday

A public hearing on the development of Australia’s space industry will be held on Wednesday at Adelaide. The House Standing Committee on Industry, Innovation, Science and Resources will hear from stakeholders during 9 am – 3.15 pm at the Adelaide Hilton’s Victoria Room. 

Q-CTRL to take quantum tech to the Moon

By Denham Sadler Local firm Q-CTRL will send its quantum tech to the Moon as part of an Australian consortium working on NASA’s Artemis program. The Sydney-based startup has developed quantum sensing and navigation technologies that can be applied to space exploration and has teamed up with the Seven Sisters space industry consortium to send…

CleanTech sector welcomes NSW emissions push

Unveiled by NSW Energy Minister Matt Kean at Port Kembla near Wollongong on Monday, the NSW Net Zero Industry and Innovation Program, is a “cornerstone” of the first phase of the state government’s 2050 Net Zero plan and is aimed at existing heavy polluters.

Talga’s graphene protects ship’s hull

A graphene-enhanced coating produced by battery anode and graphene company Talga Group has successfully weathered a year protecting the hull of a 33,000 tonne cargo ship. The company’s Talcoat coating has experienced 15 months of corrosive, real-world conditions at sea, inhibiting corrosion in a way that is less toxic than current hull coatings. Visual inspection…

Female industry leaders celebrated on IWD 2021

The manufacturing industry is not living up to its potential due to a low rate of female participation, the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre has said.

EcoGraf wins major project status for battery anode facility

Graphite miner and processor EcoGraf has been granted major project status by the federal government for its battery anode material facility to be built at Kwinana south of Perth. The approval came as the government called for grant applications for Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing projects under its Modern Manufacturing Initiative. Grants of up…

Lithium Australia moves to lithium pilot plant production

Lithium ion battery materials group Lithium Australia has given the green light to construction of a pilot plant to test its LieNA lithium metal processing technology. Lithium Australia was recently awarded a Cooperative Research Centre Project grant to support the $3.6 million project to recover lithium from hard rock spodumene ores. The company will construct…

Cleaning up solar panel waste

Research Professor in Advanced Materials Peter Majewski is leading research at the University of South Australia’s Future Industries Institute to help establish a lifetime stewardship scheme for Australia’s PV industry, ensuring end-of-life strategies are in place to manage solar waste.

Genetic Technologies Covid risk test goes international

Genetic Technologies Limited (GTG), a Melbourne company whose technology predicts the likelihood of serious disease in the case of infection with Covid-19, has secured a United States manufacturer and distributor for its Covid-19 Serious Disease Risk (sdr) Test kits. The company’s kits, which predict the likely severity of cases based on a combination of genetic…

Grants up to $20 million now open for resources technology and minerals processing projects

A third call for grant applications under the federal government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative has been made, this time for Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing.

Australian Space Forum to put space sector in spotlight

The Australian Space Forum to be held in South Australia this month will focus on bringing further investment and collaboration opportunities to the growing Australian space industry.

EMVision named as second stroke imaging developer

Medical device manufacturer EMVision has been named as a second Australian SME to share in a $40 million grant made to the Australian Stroke Alliance by the federal government’s Medical Research Future Fund frontier health program. On Monday @AuManufacturing reported that X-ray technology company Micro-X would develop a lightweight brain CT scanner for the rapid…

Renewables need land – and lots of it. That poses tricky questions for regional Australia

The economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy are well known. But without social acceptance by communities hosting the infrastructure, the clean energy transition will be slowed.

Electric bus company gears up for zero-emission growth

The South Australian group behind the manufacture of the Brabham BT62 supercar is positioning itself to become a major producer of electric buses for the emerging Australian market.

Micro-X secures $8 million grant to develop CT stroke detection

Innovative X-ray technology company Micro-X will develop a lightweight brain CT scanner based on its carbon fibre nanotube X-ray emitter for the rapid detection and diagnosis of stroke. The development will be funded by a $40 million grant – one of the largest health grants ever awarded in Australia – made to the Australian Stroke…

Aussie space startups to launch bushfire satellite

Three Australian space companies will unite to launch a bushfire detection satellite into orbit in a major milestone for building sovereign capability in the local space sector.

Valiant Space successfully tests Australian in-space rocket

Valiant Space has successfully begun testing Australia’s first in-space chemical thruster designed to help satellites manoeuvre in orbit and in space. The test demonstrated a thrust of 20 Newtons and a specific impulse of approximately 290 seconds in vacuum conditions, exceeding expectations according to Valiant CEO, Andrew Uscinski. The thruster is designed to provide efficient,…

Against the odds, South Australia is a renewable energy powerhouse. How on Earth did they do it?

Less than two decades ago, South Australia generated all its electricity from fossil fuels. Last year, renewables provided a whopping 60% of the state’s electricity supply. The remarkable progress came as national climate policy was gripped by paralysis – so how did it happen?

X-Frame raises capital for circular economy timber construction

Australian innovation incubators and circular economy groups are behind a successful first capital raising by New Zealand company X-Frame which aims to bring circular economy thinking to lightweight timber building construction. Adelaide technology incubator Innovyz and the state-government backed Green Industries South Australia were instrumental in raising $485,000 for the start-up. Green Industries ran a…

CSIRO to develop medicinal cannabis products

CSIRO is to develop new medicinal cannabis products to help people with a variety of conditions including multiple sclerosis and chronic pain. Under a new licence, CSIRO will partner with local manufacturers to drive the development of new cannabis therapeutics, a market projected to be worth US$44 billion by 2024. CSIRO Scientist, Adjunct Professor Peter…

Invest in Australian vaccine production: Australian Academy of Science

The Australian Academy of Science has pushed for federal investment in local Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing capacity.

Redarc says newly-announced project will create 35 new jobs

Redarc Electronics has announced an Industry 4.0 technology and training project, which is receiving $399,770 in support through an Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre grant. According to a statement, it will further develop the project lead’s workforce, Industry 4.0 technology adoption, and business processes “through collaboration with key supply chain partners and expert local service providers.” …

Science calls for $2.4b research translation fund

The nation’s peak science lobby has called on government to use the expected $2.4 billion in savings from changes to the Research and Development Tax Incentive to fund the creation of a new research translation and commercialisation fund.

Sparc uses graphene to extract gold from tailings

Graphene development company Sparc Technologies has demonstrated that its graphene product in solution can adsorb gold and silver from mine tailings dumps. Adsorption, not to be confused with absorption, is a process in which molecules are held loosely on the surface of an adsorbent. The company, which has licenced graphene-based technologies from the University of…

HeidelbergCement to demonstrate Australian CO2 capture technology

A HeidelbergCement cement plant in Hanover, Germany has been named as the site of the LEILAC 2 Low Emissions Intensity Lime And Cement demonstration plant which will further prove technology developed by industrial process technology company Calix. As part of LEILAC 1, a CO2 capture pilot installation with a capture capacity of 25,000 tonnes of…

Monash Uni unveils 3D printed “sewage submarine” Covid test device

Monash University and others have developed a cheap 3D printed device able to detect the virus that causes Covid-19 in wastewater.

Green hydrogen transport ship closer to reality

A novel ship design to carry Australian hydrogen to markets in North Asia is nearer construction with the completion of a capital raising by Global Energy Ventures. The company which develops compressed natural gas and hydrogen marine transport solutions, has raised $6.3 million in a share placement to institutional and sophisticated investors. The proceeds will…

Cashed-up Codan makes tactical US acquisition

Australian tech company Codan will pay more than $100 million to buy US-based Domo Tactical Communications from a private equity firm.

Regenerative medicine manufacture expanding in Australia: AusBiotech

An AusBiotech led consortium is mapping GMP manufacturing capability for regenerative medicine in Australia, a burgeoning sector which attracted $25.7 billion in financing in 2020 alone.

Anti-microbial coating tested on the International Space Station

An antimicrobial surface coating developed by an international team including researchers from the University of Queensland is now being tested on the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory. Teams led by Boeing’s Jason Armstrong and UQ’s Professor Michael Monteiro have collaborated on an antimicrobial coating designed to help fight bacteria and viruses, including the virus…

Ashley Brinson on the move with GreenTech startup

Former Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering executive director Ashley Brinson has resurfaced as the founder and chief executive of a new GreenTech startup that is building automation systems for fast delivery of mass deployments of solar technologies.

Recce drug effective against Covid-19

Tests of a drug being commercialised by synthetic antibiotic developer Recce Pharmaceuticals have shown it effective in killing the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Recce told investors that tests conducted by the CSIRO and Doherty Institute with its drug candidate R327 showed a reduction in SARS-CoV-2 viral genome numbers. “Further testing will be required at higher dose levels…

Monash chemical engineers in algae-to-hydrogen breakthrough

Monash University has announced what it says is a breakthrough method of creating hydrogen and methane gases from microalgae.

Fraunhofer team announce manufacturing automation breakthrough for facemasks [VIDEO]

A Boston University-Fraunhofer collaboration has produced a new machine, able to produce 2,000 three-piece polypropylene facemasks an hour, and which is described as resembling an  old-fashioned printing press crossed with an assembly line.

NSW sets 30% SME targets for tech procurement

By Denham Sadler At least 30 per cent of the NSW government’s tech procurement spend will go to small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as part of a new policy aimed at ensuring its digital infrastructure program will also benefit local industry. Customer services minister Victor Dominello announced the new IT procurement target on Monday morning…

Stress-monitoring invention gets commercialisation boost through AMGC grant

Australian imaging technology startup 1Millikelvin has been awarded a $149,800 grant from the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre to support commercial progress of a new portable device to measure stress in structures.

DroneShield products now AI enabled

Drone detection and counter-drone technology developer DroneShield has rolled out its first fully machine learning/artificial intelligence based drone detection and classification software. The new AI based signal processing technologies will be rolled out for all new and existing customer systems to better detect unmanned robotic systems and threats in the electronic warfare fields. The software…

Cann Group suffers $3.6 million cyber scam

Medicinal cannabis producer Cann Group has been hit by a cyber scam that ended up costing the company $3.6 million. The Victorian company discovered the cyber security incident on February 4 but has been unable to determine the party responsible. Cann Group told investors it had recently made payments of $3.6 million to an overseas…

The US jumps on board the electric vehicle revolution, leaving Australia in the dust

The Morrison government on Friday released a plan to reduce carbon emissions from Australia’s road transport sector. Controversially, it ruled out consumer incentives to encourage electric vehicle uptake. The disappointing document is not the electric vehicle jump-start the country sorely needs.

Swinburne and CSIRO to set up Victorian Hydrogen Hub

The Victorian Government has backed Swinburne University of Technology and CSIRO to build a Victorian Hydrogen Hub to bring researchers, industry partners and businesses together to test, trial and demonstrate new hydrogen technologies Backed by a $10 million injection from the state, the hub will support sustainable manufacturing practices, as well as the ability to…

Curtin University develops way to manufacture silicon

Researchers at Perth’s Curtin University have developed a method of making the silicon used in making electronics such as telephones, cameras and computers, at room temperature. The new technique replaces extreme heat in the process with electric currents to create the same chemical reaction that turns silica into silicon. Lead researcher Song Zhang said: “Typically…

Applications open for $26.5 m Cyber Security Skills Partnership Innovation Fund grants

The Cyber Security Skills Partnership Fund, offering grants between $300,000 and $2.5 million to support projects building cybersecurity capacity, began accepting applications today.

Researchers fabricate muscles that work at room temperature

Scientists from the University of Wollongong (UOW) are part of an international team that has fabricated artificial muscles by twisting and coiling carbon nanotube or polymer yarns. The researchers from the United States, South Korea, China and Australia have just published their results, considered to be an important breakthrough in the development of artificial muscles,…

RMIT engineers present a road to reusing billions of disposable masks

An RMIT University team has identified a way to reuse some of the estimated 6.8 billion single-use facemasks disposed of daily, describing a road making material that meets civil engineering standards and contains the equivalent of 3 million shredded masks per kilometre.

Silicon Aurora receives SA goverment support

South Australian Government Crown Sponsorship for the Aurora Solar Energy Project near Port Augusta (pictured) has been extended to support construction of a battery and the Company’s thermal energy storage system (TESS-GRID). Crown Sponsorship indicates that the project is sponsored by a government agency – the Department of Energy and Mining, as a development of…

Quickstep and Vaulta to develop new electric technologies

Advanced composites manufacturer Quickstep and battery casing technology company Vaulta are to collaborate to develop new electric technologies. The companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop new products and capabilities for renewables and electric-powered land and air vehicles. Vaulta is developing battery casings that promise reduced cost, complexity weight and space usage…

Ellume earns $US230 million US government contract for rapid Covid-19 tests

Brisbane-based medtech company Ellume has been awarded a $US230 million contract by the United States Department of Defense to provide its rapid Covid-19 tests.

Sun Cable plans to supply renewable power to Singapore in 2027

One of the most ambitious renewable power projects globally has moved a step closer with Sun Power signing an agreement with the Northern Territory to facilitate its planned Australia-ASEAN power link (AAPL). Sun Cable will prepare a Territory Benefits Plan, including an Aboriginal workforce development plan and local participation strategy, for its plan to supply…

Black Sky Aerospace develops solid rocket fuel

Queensland’s Black Sky Aerospace has celebrated the successful launch of the first rocket powered by Australian-made fuel (pictured). The company was partly funded by the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre to develop a process to manufacture solid-state rocket fuel, using it for the launch in outback Queensland earlier this month. AMGC chairman Paul Cooper said Back…

New space institute launched at Swinburne University

Swinburne University has launched its new Space Technology and Industry Institute, headed by astronomer Professor Alan Duffy. The university said in a statement on Friday that the new institute would link its “capabilities in astrophysics, aerospace, aviation, advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence and education” to address challenges “at the edge of human understanding and imagination.” Duffy…

RMIT team develops process for high-strength rubberised concrete from recycled materials

A team from RMIT has developed a method to make concrete with improved strength out of recycled materials, and is seeking precast concrete manufacturers to test prototypes.

Redox flow giant battery a triumph and tragedy for Australia

Comment by Peter Roberts South Australia, not content with having led the world when it installed the first grid-scale lithium ion battery is doing it again – this time installing the world’s largest vanadium redox flow battery. But the installation of an 8 MWh vanadium redox flow battery (VFB) by Yadlamalka Energy Trust is both…

Sumitomo extends its Australian hydrogen interests to embrace ‘green’

Japanese trading giant Sumitomo Corporation is to add green hydrogen to its efforts to produce hydrogen in Australia for export to Asia, according to the company. The company will set up a production facility in Gladstone, Queensland with engineering company JGC Holdings to produce green hydrogen using small solar-powered electrolysers. Investment of $9.6 million will…

BusTech delivers first hybrid commuter buses

BusTech Group and its partner Scania Australia have delivered their first two hybrid buses for the Adelaide metropolitan commuter network. The new hybrid buses (pictured), with the bright green tops, have been designed to reduce emission by 25 per cent and have a 15 per cent reduction in fuel consumption. The hybrid buses hit the…

Andrew Forrest’s stunning aim to build green steel plant in 2021

Andrew Forrest’s Fortescue Metals Group has stunned investors with the announcement it will construct Australia’s first green steel production plant in 2021 and develop massive renewable power resources to produce green hydrogen. Delivering the prestigious Boyer Lecture, Forrest said the time for green hydrogen and green steel had come. Forrest said: “We aim to start…

Lavo announces world-first domestic hydrogen system

Sydney firm Lavo has announced a low-price domestic hydrogen electrolyser and storage system, and a range of domestic products in a move which beats many of the world’s largest companies to the punch. The company, which has developed its technology in partnership with the University of New South Wales, will initially target the residential, commercial,…

Engineers have built machines to scrub CO₂ from the air. But will it halt climate change?

CO₂ removal can be done in two ways. The first is by enhancing carbon storage in natural ecosystems, such as planting more forests or storing more carbon in soil. The second is by using direct air capture (DAC) technology that strips CO₂ from the ambient air, then either stores it underground or turns it into products.

Sydney researchers develop 100 per cent renewable hydrogen

Chemical engineers at UNSW Sydney and University of Sydney have found a way to make ‘green’ ammonia from air, water and renewable electricity. The process, demonstrated in a laboratory-based proof of concept, does not require the high temperatures, high pressure and infrastructure usually needed to produce what many view as the key energy export for…

Myriota and SmartSatCRC aim for orbital space

South Australia has launched a $6.5 million program with industry, lead by SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre, to design and build a satellite to deliver space-derived services to the state. Premier Steven Marshall announced the government’s SASAT1 Space Services Mission to send the locally manufactured 6U small satellite to low Earth orbit and employ an Internet…

Biden science focus good news for partners

Industry, Science and Technology Minister Karen Andrews has welcomed president-elect Joe Biden’s plan to elevate the role of the chief science advisor into a Cabinet-level position for the first time.

Gilmour Space begins year with successful 90-kilonewton hotfire rocket test

Venture-backed Australian rocket company Gilmour Space Technologies has announced the successful hotfire test of what it says is the world’s largest single-port hybrid rocket engine, ahead of its planned first commercial orbital launch in 2022.

Sicona working to develop silicon battery anodes

Sydney technology developer Sicona Battery Technologies is to further develop its a lithium-ion battery binders in partnership with a global chemicals group. The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to further develop the binders which glue together the active material and conductive agent with the copper current collector of an anode-electrode. Sicona…

Ceres Tag smart cattle tag to use Globalstar for communication

By Stuart Corner Australian IoT company Ceres Tag, developer of a smart ear tag for cattle, is to use Globalstar satellite services to provide communications with its tags. The two companies have signed a commercial agreement that follows Ceres Tag partnering with Globalstar in November 2019 to trial the use of Globalstar for communication with…

Moveable solar array deployed at Happy Valley

The first of more than 30,000 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are now being positioned at the Happy Valley Reservoir in Adelaide’s south in a project claimed to be the world’s largest fully moveable solar array. Created by Australian solar innovator 5B, the company’s Maverick solar panels (pictured) are pre-wired, fabricated and folded to allow for…

RMIT team pinches an idea from a lobster, uses it to make stronger 3D printed concrete

RMIT researchers have used lobster-inspired patterns to increase the strength of 3D printed concrete structures.

Sensors detect mechanical issues in oil and gas pipelines

An up and coming University of Southern Queensland researcher has developed a new type of sensor designed to help prevent injury and death on mining sites by detecting mechanical issues in oil and gas pipelines. Dr Toan Dinh’s sensors, made from silicon carbide, are five to 100 times smaller than the width of a single…

FBR robots to build houses for German manufacturer

Perth construction robotics company FBR has announced its Hadrian X bricklaying robot will be used in a pilot program to build two prototype houses for German brick manufacturer Xella. Xella will provide its Ytong autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and Silka calcium silica blocks which will be calibrated for Hadrian X and used to build houses…

Graphene-based sensors being developed to detect disease

Sparc Technologies Limited has established a biomedical project to detect human and animal diseases via graphene-based breath sensors.

Global companies set to supply South Australia’s next ‘Big Battery

Electricity generator and retailer AGL has short listed two major global energy storage companies to supply a huge battery system at a South Australian power station that will be more than twice the size of Tesla’s original 100 megawatt ‘Big Battery’ commissioned in the state’s Mid North in 2017.

BluGlass’ laser diodes a step towards semiconductor industry

Analysis by Peter Roberts Semiconductor technology developer BluGlass is one of the few bright sparks in what should be a foundation technology and industry for a nation like Australia that aspires to be advanced and industrialised – semiconductor manufacture. Semiconductor technology is at the heart of every complex manufactured product, be they simple diodes used…

Wave Swell Energy deployed at King Island

Wave Swell Energy has successfully deployed its UniWave200 wave energy power generator at King Island, Tasmania. The company’s 200KW wave energy converter has been transported to Grassy Harbour where it will demonstrate the integration of wave energy into the King Island microgrid. With $4 million in funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the $12.3…

BHP backs emissions-free steelmaking startup

Mining company BHP is one of the investors in a $US 50 million Series B round for Boston Metal, a US startup developing an emissions-free steelmaking technology.

Australian startup begins production of world’s “first affordable 3D glass printer”

Maple Glass Printing has begun production of what it says is the world’s first affordable 3D printer able to create objects out of glass.

Adelaide’s Fleet Space announces lunar satellite mission

Adelaide’s Fleet Space Technologies has announced Seven Sisters, a venture to send nanosatellites and sensors to the Moon to search for water and resources. The mission, under secret development for a year, involves OZ Minerals, The University of Adelaide, UNSW, Unearthed, Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems, Inc. and Fugro and supports NASA’s Artemis Programme. Fleet Space’s Centauri…

PPK turns to new partners for technology commercialisation

Mining equipment and materials technology group PPK Group has broadened its commercialisation focus from Geelong’s Deakin University, entering into a new commercialisation partnership with a group of universities led by the University of Queensland. PPK, which has been developing a number of new materials ventures with Deakin, will invest $1.5 million in Advanced Mobility Analytics…

Short space mission to provide long-term solutions

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, ResearchSat conducts microgravity research for the life sciences industry with its custom-designed payloads for CubeSats.

Australian space startup cluster launched

The SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) has established an organisation to represent space startup companies in Australia.

The one that quietly got away?

Battery-powered passenger flight offers hope for affordable, zero-emission transport, over short distances to begin with. Brent Balinski spoke to Roei Ganzarski, CEO of Gold Coast-born propulsion pioneer MagniX.     

Methane busting cow feed wins $1 million global prize

CSIRO’s development of a livestock feed made from seaweed that reduces methane emissions in beef and dairy cattle by more than 80 per cent has won the world’s largest monetary reward on the global food arena worth $1 million. The Food Planet Prize which went to CSIRO’s FutureFeed recognises initiatives, organisations and individuals working to…

Glaciem’s unique heat pump cooling systems – virtual tour

Glaciem Cooling Technologies has begun deploying its solar powered heat pump and thermal energy storage cooling systems. Its refrigeration, thermal energy storage and heat transfer technologies integrated with solar PV electricity cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than two thirds. Ideal for hot climates, one of the company’s largest installations is at the giant Pernod…

Australian hydrogen technology company wins at Global Energy Awards

Star Scientific has won “Emerging Technology of the Year” at the Global Energy Awards for its Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser (HERO.)

Canadian space robotics company to settle in South Australia

Lux Aerobot is set to permanently settle in Adelaide as its gains new projects in the defence and mining sectors.

Alan Finkel: how a late-night phonecall in 2016 triggered ‘incredible progress’ on clean energy

Like so much of what I have done as Australia’s Chief Scientist, the electricity market review of 2017 was unexpected.

Quickstep produces 10,000th JSF part

Quickstep Holdings Australia has announced the milestone of 10,000 parts produced for the F-35 Lightning Joint Strike Fighter program.

Technology reflections in the time of COVID-19

It goes without saying that navigating one lockdown is hard, but trying to keep both business up when you’re faced with more than one – and with a different set of rules in each country you’re operating in – certainly takes a team effort.

AML3D receives order for additive manufactured titanium armour parts

Adelaide-based wire arc additive manufacturing business AML3D has received a purchase order for prototype titanium parts, which will be used in repeatability ballistics testing by armour company Lightforce Australia.

The art of the seal

Despite the market growth for obstructive sleep apnea treatments, a high number of patients end these due to discomfort. Brent Balinski spoke to Phil Kwok of ApneaSeal about their answer to the issue.

Matrix to develop technology for Woodside

Oil and gas focused composites group Matrix Composites & Engineering will provide engineering and technology development services to Woodside Energy Technologies. Under a just-signed three-year agreement the Perth company will provide technology in advanced materials, composites and advanced manufacturing to the subsidiary of Woodside Petroleum. Matrix’s services will range from conception to commercialisation and include…

PPK and Deakin to develop thin-film white graphene

Geelong and the PPK group have cemented their position as leaders in new materials development with the announcement PPK will develop novel white graphene sheets in partnership with Deakin University. They have established White Graphene Limited which will develop boron nitride nanosheets a single molecule thick which share similar strength and electrically conductive properties as…

Amaero gets Boeing order for metal 3D printed evaluation parts

Metal additive manufacturing specialist Amaero International has announced both a purchase order from Boeing and a raising to support this.

Thales signs contract on design, local partnering for submarine flank array

A contract has been signed with Thales UK to design the “eyes and ears” of the Attack Class submarine fleet and on partnering arrangements with Australian suppliers.

Gilmour Space in ‘final-mile’ delivery partnership

Home-grown rocket startup Gilmour Space Technologies has signed a multi-million dollar partnership with US-based Momentus to jointly offer launch and “orbital transport services” from an Australian site.

Australia’s states have been forced to go it alone on renewable energy, but it’s a risky strategy

Several Australian states are going it alone on the the energy transition. The policies adopted by New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and others represent major departures from the existing national approach, and run counter to the neoliberal principles underpinning the current system.

US, Australia to sign SCIFiRE hypersonics agreement

Australia and the United States will today sign an agreement on the development of hypersonic cruise missiles, which could eventually be fitted to aircraft.

Micro-X reveals secrets of carbon nanotube X-ray – video

X-ray machine manufacturer Micro-X has revealed a little of the secret behind its ability to manufacture a carbon nanotube X-ray emitter. The company opened a You Tube account and posted a video taking viewers inside its high tech manufacturing plant at the Tonsley innovation precinct in southern Adelaide. The company is the only one in…

Sydney team splits water, creates hydrogen the easy way

Sydney researchers have announced a much more efficient means of turning water into pure hydrogen which is increasingly looking like the gaseous fuel likely to displace fossil fuel LNG in Australia’s export mix. The University of Sydney researchers, in a paper published in the journal Nature Energy, have created an efficient water-splitting catalyst that requires…

Manufacturing Modernisation and the critical role of technology – keynote speech by Goran Roos

Where are we going in this world? Well, if you look at this scenario, we have everybody going digital, and generally looking at what’s happened over the last year, we can say that we have gotten five years digitalisation in about five months.  There’s a dramatic increase in the digitalisation of general manufacturing activities. The…

Backing hopeful, high-tech, high-growth manufacturers

What are the brilliant Australian ideas that will create the next wave of growth? Brent Balinski spoke to Mike Zimmerman of Main Sequence Ventures about where they’re looking.

ARENA, WA government back green hydrogen demonstrator project in Denham

Construction will begin by August on Australia’s first remote microgrid using renewable-generated hydrogen, producing 526 MWh of dispatchable renewable electricity, enough for 100 residential homes. The demonstrator plant will be built in Denham, Western Australia — on the state’s coast and 830 kilometres north of Perth — and be connected to Denham’s hybrid power station.…

Not just hot air: turning Sydney’s wastewater into green gas could be a climate boon

Biomethane technology is no longer on the backburner in Australia after an announcement this week that gas from Sydney’s Malabar wastewater plant will be used to power up to 24,000 homes.

JUC Surf wins prestigious composites start-up competition

Innovative Australian company, JUC Surf, this week took out the popular award as one of six finalists in the world’s largest global startup booster competition for composites and advanced materials.

No time for autopilot on tech policy: O’Neil

There needs to be a return to Australia’s “reformist zeal” around tech and innovation and a move away from the current hands-off approach, according to shadow innovation minister Clare O’Neil.

Thales and Ocius develop Blue Sentry autonomous marine system

Thales Australia has received $3.8 million from the Defence Innovation Hub to develop its Australian engineered and built Blue Sentry autonomous marine system. Part of $28 million in defence hub grants, Blue Sentry is a group of unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) equipped for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and surveillance missions. The system incorporates a Thales Remote…

Australian flying car company launches electric air ambulance, plans 2023 commercial service [VIDEO]

A Bankstown Airport-headquartered startup, AMSL Aero, has officially launched its electric air ambulance, the Vertiia.

2020 Eureka Prizes go to a ‘milkshake for malaria’, ABC’s Coronacast and an energy-making sewerage system

From potential new diabetes therapies, to an environmentally friendly sewage treatment system, this year’s Eureka Prizes have acknowledged a diverse group of brilliant minds tackling pressing global problems.

Gilmour, Grumman to team up on tanks and more

Northrop Grumman Corporation and Australian rocketry startup Gilmour Space have signed a memorandum of understanding, with the aerospace giant to join a previously-announced and Gilmour-led CRC-P project to build composite cryotanks for space. Chris Deeble, chief executive of Northrop Grumman Australia, said his company “aims to lead industry support in developing Australian sovereign space capabilities…

BAE Systems reveals hypersonic research – video

BAE Systems Australia has revealed it is involved in research into the young field of hypersonic vehicles capable of travelling at greater than Mach 5. The company took to social media to reveal that its newly established Red Ochre Labs would research hypersonics, which BAE Systems described as ‘a challenging and extremely fast area of…

Banana waste technology begins to bear fruit for Aussie company

A publicly-listed company that has spent more than two decades perfecting its system of turning banana plantation waste into wood and paper products says it has proven the profitability of the technology and is preparing for a global expansion.

New initiative announced partnering industry and defence on AI

The federal government has released a request for proposal, with companies to receive support delivering an artificial intelligence-based demonstrator technology to defence.

Orica and Epiroc automate underground mine blasting

Australian explosives group Orica and Swedish equipment supplier Epiroc have combined to develop the world’s first semi-automated explosives delivery system for underground mining. Their new Avatel system (main picture and below) will remove people from the blasting face – the most dangerous place underground – providing a safer, more efficient and productive blasting environment when…

Australian Space Forum to strengthen ties with Japan

The 10th Australian Space Forum will discuss how the Australian and Japanese space industries will work together in the future, and promote local space organisations and companies.

Spin to win: turbine tech company proving itself to telco customers

Australian engineering research has cracked the problem of diffuser design, allowing a doubling of efficiency for wind turbines, according to Diffuse Energy. Brent Balinski spoke to the company’s CTO and co-founder, James Bradley.

Australian affordable dialysis device wins global innovation competition

Sydney’s Ellen Medical has beat over 500 entries from 22 countries to win top prize with its Affordable Dialysis System at the World Innovation Summit for Health 2020 Innovation Booster competition.

Advanced Fibre Cluster to develop AI for composites testing

The Advanced Fibre Cluster Geelong has been awarded a Defence Science Institute (DSI) Smart Ideas Grant to help develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for composite materials integrity testing. The award, made to the cluster in collaboration with carbon fibre road wheel manufacturer, Carbon Revolution, and Deakin University, will use machine learning to improve quality assurance…

Working smarter with data – how BAE Systems is creating the world’s first fully digital shipyard

@AuManufacturing‘s editorial series, ‘Working smarter with data‘, concludes today with a profile of the most ambitious digitisation programme underway in Australia – the creation of a unique, fully digital shipyard in Adelaide to construct naval vessels. By Peter Roberts. A broad stretch of Adelaide’s Port River sweeps past what is Australia’s most advanced programme of…

We created diamonds in mere minutes, without heat — by mimicking the force of an asteroid collision

There are many well-known forms of carbon with graphite-like bonding, including graphene, the thinnest material ever measured. But did you know there’s also more than one type of carbon-based material with diamond-like bonding?

ARENA announces $342,000 support for small wind turbine installations

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced $341,990 in funding to startup Diffuse Energy, which will support installation of micro wind turbines at ten off-grid telecommunications towers to demonstrate the company’s technology. Diffuse was founded by University of Newcastle engineering researchers in 2018. One of its potential markets is remote telecommunications centres. These are…

Working smarter with data: Can recommender systems help find business partners?

In the second-last day of @AuManufacturing‘s ‘Working smarter with data’ editorial series, Qian Zhang and Jie Lu explain recommender systems and their usefulness to small and medium businesses.

The Pivot: Lessons from the biotech frontline

By backing the team, not the project, a business can recover from a project failure, move on to another project and ultimately be successful. And then repeat the success on further projects.

Working smarter with data: reasoning with machine learning

While machine learning is very good at pattern recognition, it is relatively ‘dumb’ at solving new problems. A combination of machine learning and machine reasoning is already creating powerful new technologies that are much more flexible and capable than traditional forms of machine learning or AI.

Working smarter with data – wearables cut workplace injury by Scott Coleman

@AuManufacturing‘s editorial series, ‘Working smarter with data‘, continues today with a look at how data can tackle worker injuries in key manufacturing industries. Here Scott Coleman looks at wearables and data driven technologies and how they can reduce risks. In recent weeks we’ve seen a number of workplace injury cases making headlines and reviving conversations…

Six ways manufacturers can use data to streamline operations

You want to harness all the data your business produces, but where to start? Robert Jurcec gives some suggestions. Manufacturers have more data available to them than ever before, however, many companies and their finance teams struggle with knowing how to use it. Big data describes the large volume of data that inundates a business…

Things picking up for Sydney sensor business

UNSW spin-out Contactile won the Advanced Manufacturing category at last month’s Australian Technologies Competition. Brent Balinski spoke to co-founder Heba Khamis about making robots feel like we do. 

ANSTO develops new radiation sensing device

A team at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) has created a new portable device that can pinpoint the location of radiation sources, faster and more accurately than ever before. The new technology has potential in a range of fields including national security, customs, decommissioning of old reactors and nuclear operations. ANSTO’s CORIS360…

Working smarter with data – digital transformation for food & beverage industry

@AuManufacturing‘s editorial series, ‘Working smarter with data‘, continues today with the potential of digitisation in food and beverage industries. Here Siemens outlines the opportunities and potential. Food and beverage producers need to recognise that when it comes to digitalisation, it is not a question of whether they can afford it – it is a question…

SPEE3D 3D printer installed by the navy

A SPEE3D Cold Spray 3D printer (pictured) has been delivered and installed by the Royal Australian Navy. The WarpSPEE3D additive manufacturing system complements a similar printer supplied to the army which has been undergoing trials at remote locations in the outback. The navy deal is part of a $1.5 million contract for the Darwin-based company…

UNSW recycling researchers recover aluminium from tricky packaging

Researchers at University of NSW have developed a new technique to recover aluminium out of challenging-to-recycle polymer-laminated aluminium packaging materials.

Working smarter with data – AI gives agriculture the competitive edge

@AuManufacturing‘s editorial series, ‘Working smarter with data‘, continues today with agriculture, where hardware, software and data are driving massive change. Here, Tony Blackie profiles Green Atlas and its use of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is becoming an essential tool for Australian farmers with increasing numbers embracing new technology to gain a competitive edge. University researchers…

Pfizer’s ultra-cold vaccine could be difficult to distribute

If the final results show anything like the numbers quoted in the press release, then the world can indeed be pleased and the scientists behind the scenes very proud of themselves.

Working smarter with data: Manufacturing the next generation of smart materials 

In today’s addition to our ‘Working smarter with data‘ series, Dr Nishar Hameed explains Australian work on smart sensing, and future applications for a new class of materials enabling this.

First commercial project using local recycled soft-plastic-in-aggregate product

The redevelopment of Coles Horsham has featured the first commercial application of PolyRok, a product by Australian company Replas using soft plastic in place of aggregate minerals.

$150,000 grant for Australian rapid Covid test

An Australian team developing a rapid Covid-19 test has received a $150,000 grant to bring the product from proof of concept to Good Manufacturing Practice Readiness within four months.

Australian world-leading camera techniques being developed for underwater use

Western Sydney University researchers are developing world-first “event-based camera” applications with Defence.

Working smarter with data – digital transformation in a traditional SME manufacturer

@AuManufacturing‘s editorial series, ‘Working smarter with data‘, continues today with a look at digital implementation at 94-year old company Everhard Industries. Here Peter Roberts talks to IT leader Steve Dobe who made the transformation happen. It is hard to imagine a more traditional business than Geebung, Queensland’s Everhard Industries. From its roots in the 1920s…

Amaero international, PPK and Deakin collaborate to develop super alloys

Advanced materials group PPK, additive manufacturing technology company Amaero International and Deakin University have joined forces to develop new, super strong aluminium alloys. The three have established a joint venture research company, Strategic Alloys Pty Ltd, to formulate the new alloys which will be reinforced by boron nitride nanotubes (BNNT) which act as a nano-reinforcement…

Working smarter with data: Why leveraging data is the manufacturer’s key to success in a post-COVID-19 world

In this instalment of @AuManufacturing’s ‘Working smarter with data‘ series, Kamal Prasad gives some tips on being prepared for the digitally-driven future.

Working smarter with data – leadership and skills for digitisation by Richard Jenkins and Kerrie Clarke

@AuManufacturing‘s editorial series, ‘Working smarter with data‘, continues today with insight into the skills leaders, companies, and Australia needs to develop. Here manufacturing skills specialists Richard Jenkins and Kerrie Clarke suggest a wider lens for SMEs and their leaders and managers when looking to embrace new digital technologies. COVID-19 has pushed enterprises to pivot, reinvent,…

Working smarter with data – is this the end of our focus on lean manufacturing?

@AuManufacturing’s new series, ‘Working smarter with data‘, continues today with a look at data driven businesses adopting industry 4.0 technologies. Here Tim McLean (pictured below) asks whether the new world of manufacturing means an end to a focus on lean? Industry 4.0 is a term developed by German government to describe its high technology strategy…

Cash boost for big South Australian green ammonia project

A project to build the world’s largest green ammonia plant in South Australia has been launched.

Govt releases ‘plain English’ R&D tax guide

By Denham Sadler New “plain English” guidance for the research and development tax incentive has been released, providing new definitions for “hypothesis” and “new knowledge” and further information on the record keeping required under the scheme. The new Guide to Interpretation, an update on the document first published in 2016, comes just weeks after the federal…

Working smarter with data – seizing the opportunity by Sercan Altun

@AuManufacturing’s new series, ‘Working smarter with data‘, continues today with electronics engineer Sercan Altun, who maps out the digital transformation challenges on offer in Australia’s transition to an industry 4.0 economy. Manufacturing has always been the essential driver of the wealth and prosperity of nations since the first industrial revolution in the late 18th century…

THG enters vanadium redox flow battery business

Strategic metals company TNG Ltd has launched a new vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) business unit as part of the vertical integration of its flagship Mount Peake vanadium-titanium-iron project in the Northern Territory. The strategy further diversifies the company’s green energy interests and will capitalise on the planned production of high-purity vanadium pentoxide from Mount…

Australia may miss out on several COVID vaccines if it can’t make mRNA ones locally

The Australian government is in talks with pharmaceutical company Pfizer about potentially supplying its COVID-19 vaccine. The company has also secured preliminary clearance to apply for a type of fast-tracked regulatory approval for this vaccine.

Defence, Tasmanian manufacturer partner on food tech

A Tasmanian food processing business is partnering with Defence, transferring food technology into the private sector.

Working smarter with data – Orica gives miners the digital edge

@AuManufacturing’s new series, ‘Working smarter with data‘, continues today with a look at chemicals and explosives company, Orica that is digitising its products. Rajkumar Mathiravedu tells Peter Roberts how using data is bringing benefits for the company and its customers. For chemical and explosives company, Orica, digitising the deceptively simple task of packing explosives into…

Working smarter with data – Australia’s first digital apprenticeship

@AuManufacturing’s new series, ‘Working smarter with data‘, continues today with the launch of Australia’s first digital apprenticeship. With COVID-19 casting a long shadow on the plans of the nation’s school leavers, industry has teamed up with Skills Lab to launch Australia’s first Digital Engineering Apprenticeship as a pathway to an in-demand career. The new apprenticeship,…

Nova Eye creates subsidiary to look beyond glaucoma

An Australian-based medical company that sold its name and a major chunk of its business to a French multi-national earlier this year has launched a subsidiary to develop a treatment for age-related macular degeneration.

Making sense of industry research collaboration

To extract the best value from Australia’s world-class universities, research funding should go to research; there should be direct support for marketing the research; and industry should be provided with the backing to commercialise it.

What does an Industry 4.0 manufacturer look like?

What digital capabilities do defence contractors expect to see from their SME partners? We spoke to SAGE Automation’s general manager for defence, Paul Johnson, (pictured below) to gain some insight around Industry 4.0 initiatives. Question: For those who may be unsure, can you explain what an industry 4.0 defence manufacturer looks like? Johnson: As you…

Working smarter with data – SMEs join gold plant data analysis project

@AuManufacturing’s new series, ‘Working smarter with data‘, continues today with the SME-led effort that is using data to automate gold processing. A consortium has come together to commercialise a complete solution package for collecting and analysing and acting on gold mine processing plant data in real-time. SME manufacturer of gold processing equipment Gekko Systems leads…

Robotics adoption matters: series conclusion

@AuManufacturing’s Robotics adoption matters series has concluded. Brent Balinski recaps some of what was discussed and hears from a few different voices on the importance of teamwork.  

Working smarter with data – what is digital manufacturing?

In launching our new series, ‘Working smarter with data‘, Karen Queen asks the question – what exactly is digital manufacturing? Digital manufacturing is a term that is used in abundance nowadays. But what is digital manufacturing, and how are companies harnessing it to their advantage? In a nutshell, digital manufacturing is when a company leverages…

Working smarter with data – introduction to our new editorial series

Today @AuManufacturing launches working smarter with data – our new editorial series. In the first of our series we ask the question – what is digital manufacturing – and you can read that story here. But first, Peter Roberts sets the scene. 2020 was the year when the penny dropped for Australia’s manufacturing competitiveness. Despite…

When machinery meets mindset: how Ideal Stone progressed to success

When Lee Coles and Dougald Prentice met over a decade ago, they knew they had the makings of an ideal partnership.

Robotics adoption matters: combining artificial and natural intelligence

In the last day of our Robotics adoption matters series, Dr Alexander Hadjiivanov discusses the case for AI in human-robot collaboration.

BluGlass announced as supplier to DARPA LUMOS program

ASX-listed semiconductor technology company BluGlass will supply Yale University with laser diodes and laser epitaxial wafers for a United States Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) project to develop combined photonic integrated circuits and lasers.

Robotics adoption matters: even niche manufacturing should use robots

In the second-last day of our Robotics adoption matters series, Professor Jonathan Roberts dives into the possibilities for manufacturers with robotic assistance and integration. 

Chemist wins PM’s prize for battery, recycling innovations

The founder of two companies, one in plastics recycling and the other in battery storage, has won the $250,000 Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation.

Robotics adoption matters: removing danger and cost from green infrastructure maintenance

Our Robotics adoption matters series heads away from the factory floor and outside for this instalment. Researchers Marc Carmichael and Sara Wilkinson discuss their Wallbot project.

Perth robotics company builds two-storey house [VIDEO]

Construction robotics company FBR has announced that it has built its first two-storey house.

Gonski calls for focus on research translation

The federal boost to university research and CSIRO funding “is a good beginning” that must be followed by a new focus on working with industry to translate institutional research “into tangible things”, according to ANZ bank chairman and University of NSW chancellor David Gonski.

Reimagining the laser: new ideas from quantum theory could herald a revolution

By Howard Wiseman, Griffith University Lasers were created 60 years ago this year, when three different laser devices were unveiled by independent laboratories in the United States. A few years later, one of these inventors called the unusual light sources “a solution seeking a problem”. Today, the laser has been applied to countless problems in…

Robotics adoption matters: identifying opportunities for implementing cobots

Collaborative robots represent an increasing share of all industrial robots sold. In this part of @AuManufacturing’s Robotics adoption matters series, Vikram Sachdeva suggests some places to look to see if they could improve your factory’s operations.

Robotics adoption matters: how do we compare internationally, and does that need to change?

Recently-released figures show no improvement in Australian purchases of industrial robots, and other nations seem to be upping their investment as they adapt to the pandemic. Brent Balinski looks at some recent trends in this part of our Robotics adoption matters series.

Most plastic recycling produces low-value materials – but we’ve found a way to turn a common plastic into high-value molecules

If you thought those flimsy disposable plastic grocery bags represented most of our plastic waste problem, think again. The volume of plastic the world throws away every year could rebuild the Ming Dynasty’s Great Wall of China – about 3,700 miles long.

Proposed “world’s largest green hydrogen and ammonia production facility” gets Major Project Status

The proposed Asian Renewable Energy Hub in East Pilbara has been awarded Major Project Status by the federal government.

Robotics adoption matters: The design capability you didn’t know you needed

To round out the first week of @AuManufacturing’s Robotics adoption matters series, Associate Professor Glenda Amayo Caldwell discusses the link between design and robotics.

RMIT engineers 3D print custom bone implant for injured dog

University of Queensland and RMIT researchers have teamed up to provide an old dog with a new bone, 3D printed out of titanium alloy. 

Loyal Wingman prototype passes another milestone [VIDEO]

The Boeing Loyal Wingman has moved under its own power for the first time, ahead of planned flight by the year’s end. The prototype aircraft achieved a maximum speed of 14 knots (26 kilometres per hour) and demonstrated several activities while maneuvering and stopping on command, according to a statement from Boeing. Boeing is developing…

Robotics adoption matters: why smart factories and robotics are the future of Australian manufacturing

Today @AuManufacturing’s Robotics adoption matters series turns to the collection and use of manufacturers’ data and the improvements this can bring. Jakes Mantle explains.

BAE gets first order to export Australian-developed RF sensors to Norway  

BAE Systems Australia has announced it will begin supplying passive radio frequency sensors to Norway’s Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace for use in the fifth-generation Joint Strike Missile. The purchase order was placed for an initial batch of the sensors was the “first Full Rate Production order and is part of a broader co-operation agreement” between…

Robotics adoption matters: collaborating with robots

In day three of @AuManufacturing’s Robotics adoption matters series Matthew Adams discusses collaborative robots and where they can help SME manufacturers.

Robotics adoption matters: going where no robot has gone before

In Australia, we are seeing traditional industrial robots utilised in a growing number of areas that they had not really been designed or imagined for, as Greg Sale explains in the second instalment of @AuManufacturing’s Robotics adoption matters series.  

Lightweight military grade X-rays begin deployment

South Australian hi-tech manufacturer Micro-X has announced the first sales of its lightweight x-ray machine designed for use by military in rugged conditions.

Robotics adoption matters: Australia’s brightest focus on advanced manufacturing

@AuManufacturing’s latest editorial series, Robotics adoption matters, begins today. In the first article, Dr Cori Stewart, CEO of series sponsor Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Hub, outlines the purpose of this new independent not-for-profit company that assembles expert teams and resources to help manufacturers digitally transform.

Composites competence: Australian leader says it’s about strategy not rivalry

University of Southern Queensland has emerged as a national leader in composites research, with an explicit focus on real-world, industry-based problems. Brent Balinski spoke to the university’s Centre for Future Materials founding director Professor Peter Schubel about some of its recent work, and why it makes sense to work together rather than compete.

Apple releases fast 5G iPhones, but not for Australia. And we’re lagging behind in getting there

Following in the footsteps of Samsung, Apple has released its first high-spectrum 5G smartphone, the iPhone 12. But only US customers will benefit.

Uni of Adelaide, BAE Systems, Defence to establish Centre for High Frequency Technologies

BAE Systems Australia, Defence and University of Adelaide have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on HF radar, including establishment of a new Centre for High Frequency Technologies.

CSIRO and Amaero develop better cooling for die cast tooling

CSIRO and Amaero International have announced the results of a project to add conformal cooling channels to additively manufactured die cast tooling.

USQ composites research recognised with top Australian ranking

The University of Southern Queensland has topped a national ranking of institutes for composites research.

Australian-made Warfighter platform passes another milestone

The team developing the Warfighter UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) has passed another milestone, demonstrating “the lightest combat UGV able to achieve effective fire from a 50cal at 1km range.”

Startup sees a crab bag of potential in seafood shell waste

Brent Balinski spoke to Kimberly Bolton, the CEO of Carapac, about their plans to turn an abundant waste source — crustacean shells from seafood processors — into biodegradable films and containers.

Renewables projects ramp up Down Under

By Andrew Spence Construction work has begun on two major renewable energy projects in South Australia. DP Energy and Spanish energy company Iberdrola are spending $500 million on a hybrid wind and solar plant at Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park in South Australia, while Singapore-based Nexif Energy has already begun the $170 million stage two…

3ME Technology launches battery-powered mining vehicle

Advanced battery technologies developer 3ME Technology has launched its latest vehicle – the TRITEV underground mining vehicle. The prototype vehicle, a collaborative project between 3ME, Batt Mobile Equipment (BME) and Tritton Underground (Aeris Resources), is a 20 tonne diesel powered vehicle retrofitted to battery electric. The TRITEV is a loader/integrated tool-carrier suitable for deployment into…

New $20 m research centre hopes to “make computers more capable of understanding us”

A new national research centre at Adelaide will be established with $20 million in initial funding, and is geared to helping Australia capture some of the benefits of the current artificial intelligence revolution.   

Govt abandons controversial RDTI reforms

Highly controversial reforms to the research and development tax incentive have been officially scrapped in a “huge win” for the tech sector, with the federal government backing down from its plan to cut $1.8 billion from the scheme.

Federal budget includes “promising endorsement” of clean economic recovery

Climate change think tank Beyond Zero Emissions has welcomed yesterday’s federal budget, saying it contains “promising endorsement” of a clean economic recovery.

Tekt Industries to develop AR quality control device for PCBs

Product design and engineering group Tekt Industries has won backing to develop an augmented reality (AR) based quality control and inspection system, initially for use in printed circuit board manufacturing. The company has received a $250,000 grant from the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) to lead the development of an AI Camera based compact vision…

Vaulta to use graphene in new battery casing

Brisbane start-up Vaulta will utilise graphene in a new lithium-ion battery casing it is developing following a successful capital raising. The company, which is commercialising a simpler method for manufacturing the casings, has raised $320,000 from ACAC Innovation, Artesian and Brisbane angel investors. One of its first actions was to hire four new staff, including…

Commercialisation funding a key to recovery

Leading industry groups and universities have called on the federal government to make a targeted effort to address Australia’s commercialisation woes in this week’s federal budget, with new funds and an R&D collaboration premium.

Epi-Minder device tracks epilepsy seizures

Medical device developer Epi-Minder has successfully completed an $18 million Series A funding round. The company is commercialising its implanted Minder electroencephalography (EEG) monitoring device for those suffering from epilepsy. Existing shareholders Cochlear, the Bionics Institute, Melbourne’s St Vincent’s Hospital and the University of Melbourne took part in the capital raising. Bionics Institute researchers and…

R&D underway for wave energy generator mooring

The Blue Economy CRC and Perth-based Carnegie Clean Energy are working to develop a new mooring tensioner, a key component of the company’s wave energy generators (pictured below). The project, led by Carnegie CTO Alexandre Pichard, aims to support the use of rotary power take-off systems, bringing down the cost of wave energy conversion. The…

Titomic and RMIT to 3D print satellite parts

Additive manufacturing company, Titomic has entered into a commercial research and development agreement with RMIT University to assess the capabilities of its Titomic Kinetic Fusion (TKF) 3D printing process to create structural satellite parts. The research, being conducted on behalf of global aerospace and defence company Lockheed Martin, will develop parts from high-performance metals, analysing…

SunDrive to develop solar cell manufacture with ARENA funds

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is backing startup business SunDrive in a $9 million effort to commerialise its low cost, high efficiency solar photovoltaic (PV) cell manufacturing process in Australia. ARENA’s $3 million in funding will also scale the technology up from an industrial sized cell to a commercial size module that could be…

PM flags fresh changes to R&D tax scheme

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has flagged that fresh changes to the government’s controversial plan to cut $1.8 billion from the research and development tax incentive will be included in next week’s budget.

Hadrian-X robot used to build Mexican-style houses – video

Robotics developer FBR and its partners have constructed four Mexican-style houses as the company widens adoption of its Hadrian X bricklaying robot systems. As part of a pilot programme agreement with Mexico’s GP Vivienda, FBR constructed four Mexican-style two-bedroom, one-bathroom house structures (pictured) using the Hadrian X at FBR’s Perth premises, with each structure taking…

ANSTO’s carbon measurement device now commercially available

The Multi-wavelength absorption black carbon instrument (MABI), designed and built at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) to measure the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere, has been launched commercially. The modular desktop technology can be used to distinguish black carbon particles from diesel vehicles and biomass burning, such bushfires or crop burning…

UNSW experts join biofilm removal R&D partnership

A four-year collaborative R&D project led by Whiteley Corporation has been joined by University of NSW, which will develop and manufacture additives for use in wound care.

Alpha HPA manufactures high purity alumina

Battery materials company Alpha HPA has successfully produced 99.999 per cent high purity alumina (HPA) coating pre-cursor material for use in manufacturing lithium-ion batteries. The Sydney company’s demonstration-scale plant produced more than 20 kgs of HPA (pictured, below) using its proprietary solvent extraction and refining technology and an industrial feedstock. The global high purity alumina…

Ex-Google quantum chief joins Simmons’ silicon startup

Google’s former top quantum scientist John Martinis, who helped the tech giant achieve quantum supremacy, has joined Australian startup Silicon Quantum Computing, lending significant validation for its approach to the technology.

Container Deposit Systems spreads its recycling wings

Recycling technology and equipment company Container Deposit Systems has been busy installing its machines as container recycling takes hold across the country. The company manufactures intelligent machines that use vision systems to identify, sort and count containers eligible under state container deposit systems in a high speed and accurate manner. Suitable for self-service use by…

TESS thermal energy storage to be grid connected

South Australian water authority SA Water has asked thermal energy storage company 1414 Degrees to have its GAS-TESS syetsm installed at Adelaide’s Glenelg Wastewater Treatment Plant operational by the end of October.. This is in preparation for for electricity export to the grid as an embedded generator on the National Electricity Market. The Glenelg plant…

Australia ratifies SKA Observatory Convention

Australia has become the fourth country to ratify the Square Kilometre Array Observatory Convention, with the construction phase of the local component of the world’s largest radio telescope scheduled for mid-2021.

SA connected vehicle technology begins Queensland trial

A South Australian-based V2X technology company has today begun a connected vehicle trial in Queensland which will help explore the future of co-operative intelligent transport systems.

AML3D prints complex ship propeller

Additive manufacturing specialist AML3D has shipped a stainless steel marine propeller to 3D Printing Corporation, a Japanese based 3D printing consultancy firm. The 316L propeller (pictured) will be made available to 3DPC’s marine clients as a ‘showpiece’ to demonstrate the advantages of AML3D’s Wire Arc Manufacturing (“WAM®”) technology over the traditional casting methods. The company…

ANSTO to manufacture new radiopharmaceutical at Lucas Heights

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and medical device company OncoBeta GmbH are to partner to manufacture a new radioisotope at Lucas Heights in New South Wales for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSCs). They have signed a Letter of Intent to establish manufacturing and distribution in Australia for OncoBeta’s novel Rhenium-SCT…

Global factory robot sales slowed in 2019, though figures the third-highest on record

A total of 373,000 industrial robots were sold in 2019, according to newly-released figures, with two-thirds of all new units sold in the Asia region.

AML3D to 3D print lifting device for Austal shipbuilding

Additive Manufacturing technology company AML3D has received a purchase order from Perth-based international shipbuilder Austal to produce a prototype Davit arm lifting device for mounting on its ships. The contract follows a MOU signed by Austal and AML3D as as reported by @AuManufacturing news. AML3D has now completed the design and optimisation phase of the…

Highlights from the 4th International Forum on Additive Manufacturing 

By RMIT Advanced Manufacturing Precinct and Centre for Additive Manufacture The 4th International Forum on Additive Manufacturing, delivered virtually on 9 September, 2020 in Melbourne, Australia proved by all accounts to be a great success.  The Forum general chair Professor Milan Brandt of the Centre for Additive Manufacturing, RMIT University attracted a number of international,…

Glaciem wins engineering award for CO2 Refrigeration

South Australia’s Glaciem Cooling Technologies has won the state’s Engineering Excellence Award and been named as Sir William Hudson Award finalist. The company was recognised for several technologies based on research at the University of South Australia. Their air-cooled CO2 refrigeration system has been operating at The Bend Motorsport Park, about 100km southeast of Adelaide,…

1414 Degrees looks to add batteries to silicon energy storage

Thermal energy storage developer 1414 Degrees has evaluated its TESS molten silicon technology for energy storage under scenarios linked to additional battery storage. The company, which is developing the Silicon Aurora project near Port Augusta in South Australia, found the project would generate higher revenues by combining thermal (TESS) and battery enetrgy (BESS) storage. The…

Tasmanian drone engine specialist earns $150,000 defence exporter grant

Currawong Engineering has been awarded a $150,000 Defence Global Competitiveness grant, assisting investment in production equipment.

Graphene strengthens composites in trials with Fremantle boat builder

ASX-listed First Graphene has announced a successful trial of graphene powders incorporated into composite construction materials with collaborator Ascent Shipwrights.   According to the Perth-based graphene supplier, initial test work incorporating different proportions of graphene at 0.25, 0.5 and 1 per cent into a fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) laminate showed improvements in ultimate flexural strength.  …

Mobilising manufacturing

For the first time in years, our dependence on manufactured goods from outside of Australia has been questioned – all of a sudden, the kilometres in a supply chain really matter. By Peter Rowland.

Healthcare, minerals, energy, food: how adopting new tech could drive Australia’s economic recovery

Over the next few years, science and technology will have a vital role in supporting Australia’s economy as it strives to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

NBN to make fibre available to 90% of businesses

By Grahame Lynch The federal government will today announce an ambitious plan to make point-to-point fibre-on-demand services available to 700,000 businesses across 240 zones, including 85 in regional Australia. The government estimates this will reach 90 per cent of Australian businesses. The plan will also see Enterprise Ethernet products offered to regional businesses at Zone…

Woolworths adopts data-rich 2DBarcodes

Australian retailers are adopting data-rich 2DBarcodes supplied by non-profit group GS1 Australia to replace traditional barcodes which utilise only Variable Measure Numbers (VMN). Woolworths has adopted the content-rich codes on fresh foods beginning with meat and poultry, providing information on product batch and lot numbers, serial numbers, best before dates, use-by dates, pack dates and…

The Morrison government wants to suck CO₂ out of the atmosphere. Here are 7 ways to do it

Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor is on Tuesday expected to outline the Morrison government’s first Low Emissions Technology Statement, plotting Australia’s way forward on climate action. It’s likely to include “negative emissions” technologies, which remove carbon dioxide (CO₂) from the air.

These 10 new ‘Lighthouse’ factories show the future of manufacturing is here

Just staying afloat has been a big enough challenge for many industry sectors this year. Let alone doing that while also improving customer satisfaction, being committed to workforce development and becoming more sustainable.

3ME battery technology headed for the battlefield

3ME Technology has positioned itself as a veteran run manufacturer supplying advanced battery technologies for mining, military and marine systems, as this case study explains. Justin Bain, former Army Signals Officer and now CEO and part owner of 3ME Technology was recruited to accelerate the commercialisation of the company’s battery vehicle systems for the mining…

A new model for innovation: Adrian Turner

Philanthropic organisations are able to mobilise capital and drive innovation to solve big, thorny problems in a way that governments cannot, according to Adrian Turner, the former CSIRO executive now running the Minderoo Wildfire and Disaster Resilience program.

2020 sees spike in cyberattacks for manufacturers

Manufacturing is the second-most targeted vertical for cyber-criminals, and has seen triple the rate of cyber attacks since the Covid-19 pandemic began, according to Crowdstrike.

ASM produces key permanent magnet metals from Dubbo ores

Australian Strategic Materials has successfully produced high purity dysprosium (Dy) metal in its pilot plant located at the Ziron Technology Corporation facility in South Korea. This work using the ASM metallisation process has confirmed the company’s ability to produce the key permanent magnet metals dysprosium, praseodymium and neodymium and alloys that will be sourced from…

Boeing announces Loyal Wingman turbofan milestone

The turbofan of the first Loyal Wingman autonomous aircraft has been powered up, Boeing Australia has announced.

Lepidico to build Middle East lithium chemical plant

Lithium chemicals business Lepidico is pressing ahead with plans to build a lithium processing facility at a site in the Khalifa free trade zone in Abu Dhabi. The Perth company has established a subsidiary Lepidico Chemicals Manufacturing Ltd which has been awarded a pre-operations industrial licence to proceed with its Phase 1 chemical plant development.…

Meeting the security challenges of industrial IoT

Ghian Oberholzer explains how artificial intelligence can help overcome the security challenges of industrial IoT IoT technology that enables the monitoring, control, and internet connection of physical devices of all kinds has had an enormous impact on the energy sector. High-profile examples of IoT applications include smart meters for electricity and water supplies that communicate…

Lithium Australia protects battery recycling processes

Lithium ion battery materials group Lithium Australia has filed two patent cooperation treaty (PCT) applications seeking protection for its lithium ion battery recycling technologies. PCT protection is a way of gaining coverage in multiple overseas jurisdictions in one step. The first of its applications involves the recovery of electrode materials and electrolyte from spent lithium…

Building R&D capacity via targeted grants

The current economic crisis in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, has exposed the decay in Australia’s manufacturing capability and highlighted the need for increased investment in innovation.

Australian technology company wants to turn tyres into hydrogen

Green Distillation Technologies, best known for its process that turns end-of-life tyres into carbon, oil and steel, has announced the development of a new technique to further process reclaimed materials into hydrogen.

NASA collaborates with Australian smart satellite centre on beacon technology

A deal between NASA and the Adelaide-based SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre could lead to emergency beacon technology developed in South Australia for the next moon missions.

Gilmour Space announces first Australian customer for planned 2022 launch

Gilmour Space has announced its first Australian customer, Space Machines Company, for a maiden launch scheduled for 2022.

AMGC, AML3D and Dematec join for IoT solution

AML3D Ltd, the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre and Dematec Automation have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to co-develop industrial internet of things (IIOT) solutions for AML3D’s Adelaide additive manufacturing modules and Arcemy 3D printers. The project aims to support AML3D’s distributed manufacturing business model strategy focused on the deployment of Arcemy units close to…

FYI and Alcoa advance high purity alumina

Perth materials technology group FYI Resources has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with alumina producer Alcoa of Australia for ‘the potential strategic development’ of FYI’s high purity alumina (HPA) project. FYI has completed a definitive feasibility study (DFS) for its Western Australian HPA project involving a kaolin mine at Cadoux, WA and a processing…

Toowoomba council considers waste-to-energy trial

Toowoomba Regional Council is closer to adopting a homegrown waste-to-energy solution with a recommendation that it formalise a trial with local company Pyrocal.

Aussie invention could save old coal stations by running them on zero-emissions ‘Lego’ blocks

As climate change worsens, the future of fossil fuel jobs and infrastructure is uncertain. But a new energy storage technology invented in Australia could enable coal-fired power stations to run entirely emissions-free.

Composite creatures developed for theme parks

Advanced Composite Structures Australia has developed a number of large-scale animatronic components for one of the world’s leading creators of attractions for large theme parks. The Melbourne company used a resin infusion technique to develop the components for Creature Technology Co., another Melbourne firm that builds life-like animatronics for arena spectaculars, theme parks, exhibitions, stage…

CSL in $1.7 billion Australian supply and production agreement for Covid vaccines

CSL will manufacture approximately 85 million doses of two Covid-19 vaccines, beginning early next year, if their clinical trials are successful.

Rubble and old tyres combine for new road surface

A blend of old tyres and building rubble could be used for road-making in a zero-waste solution to boost recycling and support the circular economy. The new material, developed by researchers at RMIT University, combines recycled rubble and rubber in a mix designed to be used for base layers. The recycled blend is more flexible…

NSW eyes Israeli ecosystem to build on local R&D

The NSW government is aiming to boost R&D in the state via Parliamentary Secretary Gabrielle Upton’s new advisory council. But what’s the best way for the government to support startups, industry and academia to create new jobs and foster investments?

BluGlass and AMGC team up to develop silicon foundry industry

Australian semiconductor manufacturer BluGlass Limited has been awarded a grant from the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) to help develop its core technology. The $250,000 matched funding grant will assist the development and commercialisation of BluGlass’ breakthrough deposition technology called Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD). In July @AuManufacturing reported that Bluglass had developed and…

US wind farms make sound investment in SA acoustics

A South Australian company that developed an acoustic listening device for monitoring the health of wind turbines has begun commercial production for the huge US market.

SpaceX to deliver Australian wattle seeds to ISS for science project

Australian wattle seeds are scheduled to be launched on a SpaceX flight next month, head to the International Space Station where they will remain for six months, and then return home to be studied by schoolchildren under the inaugural Australian Seeds in Space educational program.

Time to get real: amid the hydrogen hype, let’s talk about what will actually work

For 50 years hydrogen has been championed as a clean-burning gas that could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The idea of a “hydrogen economy” is now enjoying a new wave of enthusiasm — but it is not a silver bullet.

Australia’s niche champions: strengthening your manufacturing niche by Simon Dawson

In this part of @AuManufacturing’s Australia’s niche champions series, Simon Dawson shares three three points consistently raised in conversations with SMEs, each worth considering in terms of successful niche manufacturing.

Australia’s niche champions: the manufacturing of art and vice versa

@AuManufacturing’s Australia’s niche champions series is now in its third and final week. Brent Balinski speaks to Amanda Harris and Ben Tait of UAP about their unusual company, which is among the world leaders in creating public art. 

Goddess guitar pedals return after a two-decade hiatus

South Australian guitarist Brian Morrison, creator of the popular BAM Goddess Overdrive Pedal and its sister pedal the Classic, returns with new guitar pedals for the first time in 20 years.

Spee3D gets camouflague for army trial

A ‘WarpSPEE3D’ 3D metal printer has been camouflaged as it continues to be deployed and put through its paces by the Australian Army in the extreme heat and humidity of the Northern Territory. Made by SPEE3D, the WarpSPEE3D uses cold spray technology for faster and more cost-effective metal part production at speeds of 100 grams…

ASM produces high purity titanium

Australian Strategic Materials’ (ASM) joint venture partner has produced 20.8 kg of high purity titanium metal, with a purity of 99.83 per cent (pictured). South Korea’s Zirconium Technology Corporation (ZironTech) produced the metal, confirming the energy usage at approximately 30 per cent of the standard titanium industry processes. The company’s metal technology energy usage is…

Australian researchers develop new quality control method for graphene manufacture

Monash University researchers have published results showing a way to identify high-quality graphene and graphene oxide much more easily than current methods.

Australia’s niche champions – ResMed, 5% inspiration, 95% perspiration

@AuManufacturing’s Australia’s niche champions series looks at ResMed, a company whose success owes more to business acumen than technology. By Peter Roberts. There is no doubt the development in 1981 by Professor Colin Sullivan of the University of Sydney of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy for sufferers of sleep apnea has changed lives around…

NewSpace prepares for lift-off in South Australia

Two South Australian companies are joining forces to launch Australia’s first space capable rocket from the outback next month.

Cyborg Dynamics and partners un-man ground vehicles

Cyborg Dynamics Engineering and BIA5 Pty Ltd have unveiled a truly Australian developed and produced Unmannned Ground Vehicle (UGV) (pictured). The pair, the recipients of the Centre for Defence Industry Capability priority grant have just completed 12 months of detailed design and development. Cyborg took to social media to announce: “This is TRUE sovereign capability…

Orica reports more precise blasting with WebGen

Explosives manufacturer Orica has reported more precise and safer underground ore blastig results with its increasingly automated WebGen blasting system. The Melbourne company said Nexa Resources (Nexa Vazante) had been able to improve safety and ore recovery with a single WebGen blast at its Brazilian mine. The fully wireless blast initiation system significantly reduced ore…

Australia’s niche champions – commercialisation adventure keeps surgeon on the hop

A homegrown solution aims to use kangaroo tissue to improve on current options for ligament surgeries. Brent Balinski spoke to Dr Nick Hartnell of BLT about the project’s progress.

SciDev extends its water chemistry to mineral processing

Wastewater treatment technology company SciDev has extended the reach of its water treatment chemistries to mineral processing, with a trial underway at BHP’s Olympic Dam copper and uranium mine in South Australia. SciDev has received a trial order worth $1 million to trial for six months its MaxiFlox chemistry which is normally used to treat…

Australian Vanadium looks to added value

Western Australian vanadium producer Australian Vanadium is examining the value adding of ores from its planned mine at Gabanintha, south of Meekatharra in Western Australia. The as yet unbuilt mine and processing plant would produce 10,115 tonnes of V2O2 flake per annum, together with 922,500 tonnes of iron rich calcine material which would go to…

US remains key to Aussie innovation

Australia should look towards the US to help address its innovation woes rather than just focusing on internal developments, a new United States Studies Centre (USSC) report urges.

CR Group commercialising coal detection technology

Mining technology company CR Digital is commercialising a new system which detects the approaching top of a coal seam during borehole drilling prior to blasting. The technology, which promises to reduce coal wastage during the blasting process, is being developed in conjunction with Mining3 and tested in Australian mines. This announcement comes on the back…

Australia’s niche champions: Finding your niche in manufacturing and innovation by Matthew Young

In this part of our Australia’s niche champions series, Dr Matthew Young explains the What? Why? How? and Who? that need to be asked when partnering to find a niche in manufacturing and innovation.

Australia’s niche champions — targeting tomorrow’s niches 

In the second day of @AuManufacturing’s Australia’s niche champions series, we speak to inventors and others about finding their place in the world. What can be learned from their efforts to bring game-changing ideas to market from Australia? By Brent Balinski.

Geofabrics extends recycled geotextiles range

Industrial textile producer Geofabrics has extended its range of recycled products utilised in infrastructure projects with the release of Sealmac Green. A 100 per cent Australian made nonwoven paving fabric, Sealmac Green is made from recycled plastic water bottles, reducing waste to landfill and strengthening Australia’s recycling supply chain. For over thirty years nonwoven needle…

Aust-US ties on science and tech bolstered

Australia and the United States have moved to strengthened their history of collaboration through a senior-level dialogue on science and frontier technologies led by Industry Minister Karen Andrews.

China’s “days as the world’s factory are done,” says Foxconn

The world’s biggest contract electronics manufacturer, Foxconn, has mentioned plans to decrease its presence in China, and that the nation was no longer the world’s factory.

Archer progresses quantum computer measurement

Materials technology company Archer Materials has successfully built its first qubit control device (ESR devices) (main picture) which will be used to measure the quantum information residing on the CQ quantum computing chip the company is developing. The company also released a high-magnification image of part of the prototype nanoscale device (below), which was created…

XTEK raises $11.4 million and joins C4 EDGE consotrium

Defence technology group XTEK is raising $11.4 million from investors and also moving to join the C4 EDGE consortium of 17 SMEs that are developing a sovereign C4 (commend, control, communications and computing) environment for the Australian army. The company announced it had successfully raised $9.2 million from an oversubscribed placement with institutional investors, and…

Manufacturing should triple its contribution to Australian GDP: Liveris

The final report of the National COVID-19 Commission’s manufacturing taskforce is expected to recommend policy changes including around energy, procurement, and commercialising public R&D work. Brent Balinski spoke to the taskforce’s head, Andrew Liveris, about ways to maximise manufacturing’s contribution in the economic recovery and beyond.

17 SMEs take up army communications task

Seventeen Australian companies have joined the C4 EDGE (Evolutionary Digital Ground Environment) Communications Programme which will develop a sovereign land communications environment for the Australian Army. Initially the group will develop and demonstrate by the end of 2021 a new communications system to be used at the level of the battlegroup and below. The C4…

Alexium introduces new fabric cooling technology

Chemistry technology company Alexium International has introduced a new fabric and foam products cooling system to complement its core range. The company’s new Alexicool Phonon product cools bedding, upholstery and apparel materials by counteracting the insulative effect of textiles, moving heat away from the consumer. Until now the company’s technology has worked by absorbing heat…

Wearable tech company launches crowdfunding campaign for baby monitoring

Goldilocks Suit has turned to crowdfunding to bring them one step closer to full-scale production of their baby sensor singlet after the COVID-19 recession dried up other sources of funding.

RMIT, Fraunhofer announce additive manufacturing partnership

RMIT and Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS have signed a partnership on staff and student exchanges focussing on additive manufacturing.

Bluglass installs commercial-scale semiconductor equipment at Silverwater plant

Semiconductor technology developer Bluglass has completed the installation of its largest-ever remote plasma vapour deposition (RPCVD) manufacturing system (main picture) at its Silverwater plant in Sydney. The commercial-scale system, known as BLG-500, is capable of creating 6×6 semiconductor wafers or 42 two inch wafers for the production of laser diodes, LED and microLED industries. It…

Recce Pharmaceuticals tests Covid treatment

Recce Pharmaceuticals will trial its anti-infective agents RECCE 327 and RECCE 529 against SARS- CoV-2. The company has teamed with North Carolina’s Path BioAnalytics to trial its broad-spectrum synthetic antibiotics which the company is commercialising to defeat resistant superbugs, Researchers at PBA will evaluate the company’s drug candidates in an ‘ex vivo respiratory organoid model…

Daronmont earns $65 million, five-year reporting centre contract for RAAF base

The awarding of a five-year, $65 million defence contract to Daronmont Technologies has been announced, with the Australian engineering company to support the Mobile Control and Reporting Centre at RAAF Base Darwin.

PPK to enter dental technology sector

Advanced materials group PPK has entered the dental technology market with a new joint venture that will develop boron nitride nanotubes (BNNT) for new dental nanocomposites. PPK is partnering with a leading aesthetic dentist and Geelong’s Deakin University to develop a range of new materials with superior physical properties and aesthetic values. This is the…

Hadrian X robot completes first new home

The Hadrian X bricklaying robot system (pictured) has completed its first commercial display house, a project home in the Perth suburb of Dayton. The robot completed laying the concrete blockwork of the walls on Saturday, capping off a 15 year development process which has seen numerous prototype machines and buildings completed. FBR Limited, which developed…

Rivet repair tool goes into production

Engineering firm Valley Precise Global has begun manufacture of a faster and more accurate way to reduce potential fuselage damage when replacing faulty rivets on aircraft. VPG’s Rivet Hole Alignment Tool (RHAT) reduces demands on the technician whilst eliminating errors related to centering over the rivet for subsequent drilling and reaming. Manufactured under an exclusive…

Hydrogen electrolyser takes shape in the suburbs

A pioneering renewable hydrogen production facility in Adelaide has celebrated a construction milestone with installation underway for its key component, an electrolyser. Situated at Hydrogen Park South Australia (HyP SA), the Siemens 1.25 MW Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyser is part of the Tonsley Innovation District, south of Adelaide. Tonsley, the site of the former…

BluGlass to develop new semiconductor production equipment

Semiconductor device developer Bluglass will develop new machinery to manufacture devices such as laser diodes, LEDs and microLEDs with the aid of a grant from the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre. AMGC will contribute $250,000, matched by the company, to a project to manufacture more efficient plasma deposition sources for the company’s 300 series RPCVD systems.…

Oz Health invests in meltblown fabric machinery for masks

Oz Health Plus has purchased machinery from Germany’s Oerlikon Nonwoven for producing fabric for medical masks, filling what it says is an important supply chain gap for Australia.

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: the power of collaboration by Jens Goennemann

What does collaboration look like, and why does it matter? Dr Jens Goennemann closes out @AuManufacturing’s “technologies and tools…” series with some thoughts on an important subject. 

Why outer space matters in a post-pandemic world

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the hope of a growing space industry was palpable. Ribbons were cut, buildings were dedicated and Australia’s space industry was going to triple in size in just ten years. But a few weeks into March, Europe and then Australia were slowly grinding to a halt as the reality of COVID-19 set in.

Fast times ahead for hypersonics R&D

Like quantum computing or fusion energy generation, for a long time hypersonics has been described jokingly as something that’s the technology of the future, and which always will be.

NSW Defence network funds quantum device work

The Defence Industry Quantum Research Consortium is funding two cutting-edge quantum science and technology research projects to the tune of $1.5 million. The consortium, a grouping of universiities brought together by the NSW Defence Innovation Network (DIN), will bring researchers together with industry to pursue the projects. Member universities are Macquarie University, The University of…

Cochlear gets FDA tick for new products

Hearing implant manufacturer Cochlear has received US Food and Drug Administration approval for four new products that form part of its market-leading bionic ear. Two of the products are for sound processing – the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor, and the Nucleus Kanso Sound Processor (picture below). The Nucleus 7 is the world’s first cochlear implant…

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: how AI will transform food and beverage manufacturing

We are in the final day of @AuManufacturing’s “Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation” series. In this article, Mario Macri writes that the robots have arrived: automation is a reality and an enormous opportunity for manufacturing.

Space, the new Defence spending frontier

More than $7 billion will be spent to transform how Australia’s defence force operates in space, with a focus on improving sovereign capability.
The defence force will receive about $7 billion over the next decade to transform the way it operates in space. This means space will account for about 3 per cent of total defence investment over the next 10 years.

Developers of slag-to-phosphorous process and 3D printed thongs among Australia’s most innovative engineers

Engineers Australia has released its fifth annual list of Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers.

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: skills and training by Angela Doyle

Angela Doyle looks at some of the trends that are changing Australian manufacturing — and the skills it needs to prosper — in this part of our “technologies and tools…” series.  Skills and training Manufacturing is vital to Australia’s prosperity, contributing more than $100 billion to the nation’s economy every year. It is larger and…

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: We need more robots in factories by Mark Peters

There are Australian manufacturing companies reaping the benefits of robotics investments, and we need more of them. In this installment of our “technologies and tools…” series, Mark Peters presents three local examples, and argues against the zero-sum view of automation versus jobs.  

Silex progresses zero-spin silicon manufacture

Technology developer Silex Systems has successfully completed the first stage of a three-year project to develop production systems to make zero-spin silicon (ZS-Si) for use in silicon quantum computing chips. Silex has demonstrated the production of 99.95 per cent isotopic purity material at the laboratory scale using the company’s Silex laser isotope separation technology. The…

Memphasys Felix device in clinic use

Medical technology company Memphasys’ Felix medical device to boost success in IVF procedures is undergoing trial by key opinion leaders internationally prior to commercial sale expected later this year. The device (pictured) which selects the best human sperm to be used while discarding the rest is undergoing trial in Japan, India, Canada the USA, Iran…

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation – preparing for tomorrow with digital solutions by Ben Tan

In today’s second 3D printing-related contribution to @AuManufacturing’s “technologies and tools…” series, Ben Tan looks at supply chains and workflows now and post-pandemic.

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: additive manufacturing by Michael Sharpe

Manufacturers are using 3D printing (AKA additive manufacturing) methods to serve a wide variety of industries and applications. In this edition of @AuManufacturing’s “technologies and tools…” series, Michael Sharpe looks at some of the advantages of adopting 3D printing, and two Australian companies successfully applying it to medical uses.

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: new materials by Michael Grogan

New materials and better products regularly go together. In this part of @AuManufacturing’s “technologies and tools” series, Michael Grogan looks at some standout local adopters.

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: reshoring by Mark Peters

There are some big advantages to reshoring. Marks Peters discusses the topic, its job-creating impacts, and some recent Australian success stories.

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: how to approach Industry 4.0 by Nico Adams

Our “technologies and tools” series continues with a look at Industry 4.0 for SMEs. Nico Adams writes about some business model possibilities, and the questions a manufacturing company should begin asking before they “get into” Industry 4.0.

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: If we can’t find the skills here, we should be able to import them by Philip Ewen

@AuManufacturing’s “technologies and tools” series continues with a frank look at skills shortage issues from Philip Ewen, the former head of a successful Australian SME manufacturer. 

First human studies for Imagion cancer detection system

Imagion Biosystems have announced they will commence the first human trials of their MagSense cancer imaging system in Australia in the fourth quarter of 2020. The company is focused on identifying multiple trial sites for an initial enrolment of 15 to 20 patients subject to Human Research Ethics Committee approvals. Imagion’s MagSense is a new…

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: Robotics and automation post-Covid-19 by Colin Thomas

As we map out how SME CEOs can benefit from a resurgence in manufacturing, Colin Thomas offers this guide to help to identify opportunities and advantages of automation.

Stealth Technologies develops surveillance robot

Stealth Technologies has released an udate on its continuing development of a fully autonomous security vehicle (pictured) for the Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison in Western Australia. The company, owned by listed business Strategic Elements, is developing the vehicle to inspect, test and confirm the integrity of the security perimeter of the jail. The technology will…

PPK invests in lithium sulphur battery technology

PPK Group has invested in novel lithium sulphur battery technologies through its Li-S Energy subsidiary. PPK announced that Li-S had invested US$1.7 million into Texas-based Zeta Energy which is commercialising energy packs using graphene carbon nanotubes and lithium sulphur. At the same time Zeta Energy is investing US$1.4 million into Li-S, meaning the companies will…

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: companies are rethinking waste, disrupting their markets and profiting by Michael Sharpe

In this installment of our “technologies and tools…” series, Michael Sharpe highlights some manufacturers that are playing a part in the circular economy trend. 

Lockheed Martin to fund R&D for future submarine combat system

Lockheed Martin Australia has released a new set of R&D topics for the Future Submarine Combat System Programme. Up to $75,000 will be provided to successful projects with potential funding available for up to $1 million in Stage 2. Lockheed Martin Australia has partnered with with the Department of Defence and Naval Group Australia to…

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: Widening your company’s horizons through diversification by Edmund Boland

The pandemic has shown us the value of being able to manufacture locally. In this installment of our “technologies and tools…” series, Edmund Boland discusses the need to build on Australia’s pockets of excellence. 

ANU researchers develop direct solar hydrogen production

Scientists at the Australian National University have demonstrated the direct production of hydrogen within solar PV cells, a development that could potentially bring down the cost of renewable hydrogen production. Thirteen researchers, led by Siva Krishna Karuturi and Heping Shen published their results in a paper in Advanced Energy Journal titled “Over 17% Efficiency Stand‐Alone…

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: Using bioenergy to power the world by Shaun Scallan

Continuing yesterday’s sustainability theme, @AuManufacturing’s “technologies and tools…” turns to the potential of bioenergy, which is underutilised in Australia compared to Europe. Shaun Scallan explains.

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: Waste streams as resource deposits can change the game by Professor Veena Sahajwalla

Professor Veena Sahajwalla begins week two of our technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation series. She writes about one element of sovereign capability generally overlooked in the current discussion.

Archer progresses biosensors for disease detection

Advanced technology developer Archer Materials has developed portable hardware systems to interface with its novel graphene based biosensor which is being developed to detect the presence of disease. The company created the biosensor components (pictured) using water-based graphene ink printed on a clear substrate with electrodes with micron-scale features. Archer said in a statement that…

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: Industry 4.0, skills and SMEs by David Fox and Inu Rana

Today, @AuManufacturing’s “technologies and tools…” series turns to technology adoption among SMEs. Inu Rana and David Fox look at some of the difficulties and benefits of increased digitalisation for smaller companies, and what it means in practical terms. There is no denying that technology is making an impact on manufacturing worldwide, helping the industry keep…

BNNT succeeds in producing boron nitride nanotubes

Technology developer BNNT Technology has succeeded in producing high purity boron nitride nanotubes in commercial quantities. The company, part of the diversified PPK group, is producing 10 grams a day of nanotubes from a single furnace and at 99 per cent purity. Boron nitride nanotubes are a cutting edge new material similar to carbon nanotubes,…

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: Lessons to shape the future by Carl de Koning

On day two of our new series, aimed at helping businesses transform their operations to compete and grow through new tools and technologies, we hear from Carl de Koning. He lays out eight characteristics important to advanced manufacturers. Over the past 40 years, I have had the privilege of working for three exceptional companies: Air…

ASM’s ambitious plans to add value to rare earths

Australian Strategic Materials is pressing ahead with its Dubbo, NSW rare earths project with ambitious plans to value-add the strategically important materials in Australia. The company, a subsidiary of listed miner Alkane Resources, is developing the Dubbo deposit containing zirconium, rare earths, niobium and halfnium. These are minerals critical to advanced industries with more than…

Industry 4.0 implications for the VET system

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has launched two new ‘good practice guides’ as part of their response to issues raised by Industry 4.0 technologies. The guides lay out frameworks for how best to incorporate essential digital skills into vocational education and training (VET) delivery and to upskill VET educators. The guides Incorporating…

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation series launch

Over April, we invited the @AuManufacturing and Australian Manufacturing Forum communities to have their say on what policies the sector needs to thrive.

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: why it’s important to commercialise new materials by Gary Walsh

@AuManufacturing’s highly successful new deal plan for manufacturing was aimed at Australia’s policy makers. Our new series, crowd sourced advice from our manufacturing community, aims to help businesses transform their operations to compete and grow through new tools and technologies. Here Gary Walsh explains why it’s important to commercialise new materials by taking ideas out of the lab and into industrial reality

Technologies and tools for a manufacturing transformation: next steps to competitiveness by Rowan Lamont

Following our successful new deal plan series, @AuManufacturing is crowd sourcing advice from its community on how to reshape the industry through new tools and technologies. The first article in this new series is from Rowan Lamont, who suggests ways to better create products that customers attribute value to.

Silex Systems presses ahead in nuclear enrichment, will Australia follow?

Comment by Peter Roberts Technology development company Silex Systems is pressing ahead with a uranium enrichment project that has implications for any future move by Australia into nuclear industries. The Sydney company has signed a sales agreement with the US Department of Energy (DOE) to allow it to process stockpiles of depleted nuclear fuels as…

CSL and UQ to develop Covid vaccine

Biotechnology giant CSL has joined with the University of Queensland to develop and manufacture a Covid-19 vaccine candidate.

Leigh Creek eyes hydrogen from coalfield

Leigh Creek Energy has responded to federal government policy changes and widened the scope of its investigations into developing the Leigh Creek coalfield in South Australia to include the production of hydrogen. The company has demonstrated in a pilot plant (pictured) the potential for in situ gasification (ISG) of coal, formerly used to generate electricity,…

ASC backs additive manufacturing to repair submarines

Submarine specialist ASC, is backing the use of additive manufacturing technolgies to help repair Australia’s six Collins class submarines. The Adelaide company has teamed up with CSIRO’s Lab22 and DMTC Limited to develop portable ‘cold spray’ technology for repairing damaged metal surfaces, enabling future in situ repair of submarine components even when at sea. Successful…

SpaceX’s historic launch gives Australia’s booming space industry more room to fly

SpaceX has well and truly revolutionised space travel. But what does this mean for the many Australian companies making up a new space sector Down Under?

Imagion’s breakthrough cancer device in manufacturing milestone

Australian listed medical imaging company Imagion Biosystems has moved a step closer to trialing its breakthrough cancer detection device, with the first phase of manufacture of a nanoparticle formulation completed despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Manufacture of the company’s MagSense HER2 nanoparticle formulation proceeded uninterrupted by the pandemic under good manufacturing practice (GMP) conditions. The second…

Pawsey partners for quantum moon shot

By Denham Sadler Australia has an opportunity to build a world-leading quantum computing industry and develop important sovereign capability in the technology, according to Quantum Brilliance chief executive Andrew Horsley. Quantum Brilliance is an Australian quantum computing hardware provider spun out of the Australian National University last year. The company uses artificial diamonds to power…

3RT to offer digital wood production units

Sustainable hardwood products manufacturer 3RT is to have digital production units (pictured) manufactured to make its Designer Hardwood (pictured) range of value-added timber products. The Adelaide company has developed a world-first technology in collaboration with Flinders University that converts wood waste into timber. Designer Hardwood looks, feels and has the mechanical properties of 100 year…

Loyal Wingman faces competition, and a software battle

The US Air Force has launched a competition to develop AI software to control groups of highly capable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) flying in formation with conventional jet aircraft such as the F-35 joint strike fighter. The USAF intends to let a number of development contracts for the software, known as Skyborg, according to a…

Washington H Soul Pattinson backs Leading Edge Data Centres

By Stuart Corner ASX listed investment house, Washington H Soul Pattinson, has invested $20 million in Leading Edge Data Centres to fund a network of regional edge computing data centres around Australia. Leading Edge says it will build a network of 20 world-class tier three data centres across regional Australia to provide faster internet speeds…

Amaero Additive pursues super alloy protection

Additive manufacturer Amaero International has progressed its application for patent protection for the company’s titanium alloy, Amalloy Beta Ti. The Victorian company announced its application had entered the final, national stage of the Patent Co-operation Treatment (PCT) process. The process allows patent protection to be granted simultaneously in a large number of countries instead of…

Micro-X ramps up X-ray production to detect Covid

Innovative X-ray machine manufacturer Micro-X has ramped up production of its Nano device following a Covid-19 jump in demand. The company confirmed it was committing $4 million to ramping up production at its Adelaide plant following a $15 million capital raising from institutional backers and a subsequent share offer to existing investors. The Nano, the…

48-hour Trans-Tasman online defence hackathon aims to strengthen sovereign supply chains

An event between the Australian and New Zealand defence forces this weekend, titled #ANZDFhack, will focus on novel solutions aimed at strengthening sovereign capability.

CSL in development of blood-derived Covid-19 treatment

Biotechnology giant CSL has begun development of a blood-derived treatment for Covid-19, known as COVID-19 Immunoglobulin. The Melbourne company believes the product could be used to treat people seriously ill with the complications caused by the virus, particularly those whose illness is progressing towards the need for ventilation. The treatment will be derived from blood…

Want an economic tonic, Mr Morrison? Use that stimulus money to turbocharge renewables

By Elizabeth Thurbon, UNSW; Hao Tan, University of Newcastle; John Mathews, Macquarie University, and Sung-Young Kim, Macquarie University   The chaos of COVID-19 has now hit global energy markets, creating an outcome unheard of in industrial history: negative oil prices. With the world’s largest economies largely in lockdown, demand for oil has stagnated. Essentially, the…

Space innovation challenge expands to UK

An Australian space innovation program with the backing of Amazon and Deloitte will be expanded to the United Kingdom this year.

Talga to work with Bentley on novel electric motor

New materials development company Talga Resurces has been funded in the United Kingdom to work with Bentley Motors on a single unit electric vehicle drive train or e-axle. Talga has been approved for Innovate UK funding to support development of technology and materials with the ultimate aim of creating a new electric motor that utilises…

A new deal plan for manufacturing – supporting a transforming and vital industry by Alex Kingsbury

Our campaign to crowd source a new deal plan for manufacturing post Covid-19 moves onwards. Alex Kingsbury discusses how our advanced manufacturers have responded to necessity in the current crisis, and how we can encourage a flexible and sophisticated manufacturing sector into the future.

Next Science to launch five new products

Biotechnology start-up Next Science plans to launch five new products in 2020 as the company records increasing sales with its first anti-bacterial products. The company recorded $633,000 in sales in the first quarter of the calendar year, largely of its Bactisure wound wash, BlastX anti-microbial wound gel and its just launched acne creams and gels.…

Osteopore receives approval to sell 3D printed bone scaffolds

Artificial bone 3D printing company Osteopore has received Therapeutic Goods Administration approval for sale of its craniofacial reconstruction products. The TGA has added the Osteomesh, Osteoplug and Ostroplug-C range of 3D printed bioresorbale scaffolds that aid bone growth and healing to the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and they will also be included in the…

Entrepreneurs Programme: $140 million in contracts to business advisers

By James Riley Of the seven delivery provider contracts worth $140 million awarded by the Department of Industry for its Entrepreneurs Programme, five contracts – worth about $109 million – were with existing suppliers to the five-year-old flagship industry development program. While the Industry department went to market last year to refresh the delivery apparatus…

UNSW breakthrough allows warmer quantum computers

Researchers at the University of New South Wales have published breakthrough research which will allow the temperature at which quantum computers work to be raised from today’s temperatures of close to absolute zero degrees Kelvin. A team led by Professor Andrew Dzurak showed in a paper just published in the journal, Nature that quantum computers…

Titomic in new sale to Airbus

Industrial scale metal additive manufacturing company Titomic has won a new customer in aerospace manufacturer Airbus. The Melbourne 3D printing company will develop processes and materials to demonstrate the use its Titomic Kinetic Fusion (TKF) production system to manufacture parts and components. The company will be paid $50,000 to create the first demonstration parts. Managing…

Lithium Australia wins protection over metal extraction technology

Lithium technology company Lithium Australia has been granted a patent from IP Australia covering its LieNA lithium metal processing technology. The Perth company is developing mining, processing, battery cathode manufacturing and battery recycling operations, and now receives protection for 20 years for its core technology. The company and the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation…

Biotech industry gets boost with CSIRO investment

Australia’s biotechnology industries are set to benefit in the long term with a federal government decision to reverse years of declining support for CSIRO. The government announced on Saturday that it would spend $220 million upgrading the Australian National Animal Health Laboratory in Geelong (pictured) with the increasing threat of human pandemic disease and the…

Virus spread to spread innovation policy reform

By Sandy Plunkett At a time when it seems the whole world needs a bridging loan to get through to the other side of the COVID-19 crisis, a new tech sector lobby group, the Australian Innovation Collective (AIC) has its hands out to the Federal Government for urgent relief funds and innovation policy reform to…

Myriota expands IoT reach into Canada

Nanosatellite developer Myriota has extended its reach in the Canadian market with the purchase of satellite communications assets from exactEarth Ltd. The acquisition will see Myriota Canada acquire four satellites, a global network of ground station assets, and their associated spectrum licenses. The acquisition will increase the Adelaide company’s capability to deliver low-cost, low-power, secure…

Calix gets green light for cement industry CO2 capture

Industrial process technology company Calix has got the go ahead to scale up its Low Emissions Intensity Lime And Cement (LEILAC) technology to a full demonstration plant to be built in Germany. To be launched on April 7, the project involves construction of a 100kTpa CO2 capture plant at a working cement plant in Europe.…

Titomic in new US defence tie-up

Large-scale additive manufacturing technology company Titomic has linked up with US defence R&D company Triton Systems to validate its Titomic Kinetic Fusion (TKF) technology for US defence projects. The two companies have entered a strategic partnership which aims to develop innovative products and solutions under US defence department grant schemes – the department spends US$60…

Archer graphite tested in li-ion batteries

Archer Materials has successfully made high-value coated spherical graphite (CSG) from its Campoona graphite mine on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula and tested it in lithium-ion battery prototypes. The company told investors it had used commercially available amorphous carbon to coat the spherical graphite which was derived from flake graphite mined 220 kilometres north-west of Adelaide.…

Defence to deploy SPEE3D technology in remote areas

Cutting edge 3D printing technology developed in Darwin, Australia, will be deployed by the Australian Army. The Australian Army announced a $1.5 million investment in a 12-month pilot of SPEE3D technology to include soldier training in 3D printing. It will trail SPEE3D’s large-format WarpSPEE3D 3D metal printer, installed on-base and deployed in the field for…

Robot manufacture gets underway in Toowoomba

The promise of direct digital manufacturing using 3D printers is coming alive in Toowoomba, Queensland as a local start-up prepares to produce a low-cost robotic arm under licence from Las Vegas-based Haddington Dynamics. DCISIV Technologies (pronounced Decisive) is putting the finishing touches to a micro-factory (below) of 3D printers to manufacture Haddington’s DexterHDI robotic arm…

Valiant Space successfully tests new rocket engine

Australian rocket company, Valiant Space, has successfully fired its ‘Momentum’ liquid fueled rocket engine, claimed to be the first commercially developed such engine in Australian history. The engine was ignited on 15 March at Beyond the Blue Aerospace’s launch and test facility, Funny Farm Space, north of Goondiwindi, Queensland. Black Sky Aerospace, known for their…

COVID19 – Practical Tips for Manufacturers

In these uncertain times I feel our local manufacturers need some practical advice on how to manage the situation. We have an opportunity to demonstrate our manufacturing agility and show how we can stand tall and stand together in the face of uncertainty.

Austal ship honoured by naval architects

The Auto Express 109, the first of a new class of fast ferry built by Austal in Perth, has been honoured by the Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA). Designated by the company as Hull 393, the game-changing vessel has been included in RINA’s listing of Significant Ships of 2019. Built for MOLSLINJEN A/S of…

Hazer Group moves ahead with low emission hydrogen plant

The Hazer Group has executed an agreement with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency that will see it develop a $16.5 million commercial demonstration plant to produce low emission hydrogen from methane biogas. The agreement with the Perth company will see ARENA provide $9.41 million in funding to the project to construct the Hazer Process Commercial…

Vanadium project passes pilot test stage

Australian Vanadium’s ambitions to mine and process vanadium from its mine in Western Australia have brightened with the completion of a critical stage of pilot plant tests. The company’s pilot plant at Balcatta in Perth treated 20 tonnes of ore and validated and optimised the grinding, separation, thickening and concentration steps achieving up to 76…

Meet the Whiskey Project Alpha85

A collaboration of boat builders, niche manufacturers and experienced former defence personnel has launched the first of two Whiskey Project tactical boats the makers are offering to the armed forces. The first, the Alpha85 (pictured) broke cover late in 2019 and has been tested by interested parties and the media. Built by sailing boat builder…

Welding company K-Tig in leadership change

Keyhole Tig welding developer K-Tig has announced a change of leadership as the company’s share price languishes at an all time low. The company, which manufactures patented, high productivity welding equipment and offers welding as a service, announced David Williams had been replaced as executive director by experienced international executive Mark Twycross. K-Tig issued a…

Titomic’s production-first strategy pays off in 3D printing

Analysis by Peter Roberts It was only in February 2019 that the board of industrial scale 3D printing company Titomic decided on a subtle change of direction that is now paying off for the Melbourne-based business. Instead of jostling the dozens of other manufactures of 3D printers for a share of the printer market, it…

AMGC backs project to develop new composite rocket tanks

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre has joined efforts by a group of Queensland companies to develop new lightweight composite rocket tanks. Gilmour Space, the University of Southern Queensland, Protonautics and Graphene Manufacturing Group are hoping to cut the weight of Gilmour’s rockets to deliver payloads of up to 250 kg such as small satellites into…

Titomic in disruptive aerospace partnership

Large-scale additive manufacturing company Titomic has announced a new partnership with Ascent Aerospace which it believes could disrupt the global tooling industry. Ascent is the largest aerospace tooling supplier in the world and utilises advanced techniques to provide very large, high-quality tool solutions. It also supplies the commercial, defense, and space industries. In a two…

Amaero International launches Adelaide 3D plant

Large-scale additive manufacturer Amaero International will launch its Adelaide manufacturing facility at a ceremony today. The facility, a partnership with the University of Adelaide, is located adjacent to the RAAF base, Edinburgh. It includes three state of the art Renishaw AM 400 3D printing machines and ancillary equipment. The new plant complements Amaero facilities in…

FYI Resources moves ahead on Kwinana alumina plant, secures new equity

Perth materials technology group FYI Resources has announced a positive result from its definitive feasibility study (DFS) for its Western Australian high purity alumina (HPA) project. The company, which plans a kaolin mine at Cadoux, WA and a processing plant at Kwinana south of Perth, has also secured $80 million in development equity financing for…

Nuclear prices itself out of the future

Comment by Peter Roberts I was at lunch the other day and out came the familiar theme – Australia should go nuclear to de-carbonise the economy. Well, a just-released report from the NSW Parliament’s State Development Committee should put an end to such talk – it is just too expensive and problematic. The report, detailed…

Archer progresses quantum chip measurement

Quantum computing materials development company Archer Materials has begun performing measurements required to build an operational, room-temperature quantum computing chip. The company said today in a statement that measurements related to control of qubits, the basic unit of quantum information, on ‘components’ of its future quantum chip, known as a CQ chip. Archer expanded its…

Coalition bloody mindedness blunts hydrogen push

Comment by Peter Roberts There are few certainties in this post fact world but one you would think everyone agrees on is that a country has to earn a living internationally. For Australia, whose export income is dependent on selling coal and gas, our national economic prosperity rests on being a fossil fuel exporter. We…

eSAT Global to provide global connectivity for Smart Paddock’s cattle tags

By Stuart Corner eSAT Global — a US company planning to use existing geostationary satellites for IoT applications — has scored its first Australian customer: Smart Paddock, developer of a livestock monitoring tag. Together, the two companies say they will seek to provide over $9 billion in benefits to the Australian meat and livestock industry.…

Memphasys to launch new device to boost IVF success

Medical technology company Memphasys plans its first commercial sales of its unique Felix medical device to boost success in IVF procedures in the second half of 2020. The Sydney company told investors in a market update that its automated, non-DNA damaging lab instrument for sperm separation was undergoing assessment by a series of key opinion…

Respiri takes delivery of first Wheezo devices

Medical technology company Respiri has taken delivery of its first batch of Wheezo devices to monitor wheezing and breathing in asthma sufferers. The devices, manufactured by miniaturised electronics manufacturer SRX Global, are the first of 500 Wheezos being delivered to prepare for full commercialisation of the product in the fourth quarter of 2020. SRX Global…

ANCA to develop new hybrid additive-subtractive machine tool

Australia’s leading machine tool manufacturer ANCA is to develop a novel hybrid additive-subtractive manufacturing platform to manufacture Tungsten custom designed cutting tools. The new line of machines (pictured), being developed with CSIRO, Sutton Tools and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC), has the potential to disrupt the global Tungsten cutting tool market. Successful completion of…

Advanced Manufacturing Expo’s Top 100 Manufacturers in Australia list released

The annual list compiled by IBISWorld of Australia’s top 100 manufacturers has been released, revealing the revenue leaders in a sector sized at $413.9 billion, nearly 104,000 businesses, and a workforce of over 964,000 people.

Uscom sales falter as China market opens

Australian medical device manufacturer Uscom has boosted manufacturing capacity and restructured its China operation in a first half of the financial year that saw revenue down by about a third. The Sydney company reported revenue of $960,000 for the half ending in December in sales of its range of non-invasive devices. The China subsidiary was…

Brumbee solves electric hub motor issues, looks for partners

Sydney technology developer Barry Westlake has developed and tested a prototype electric vehicle which overcomes many of the problems first faced more than a century ago by motoring pioneer Ferdinand Porsche. Westlake, director of BAAD Concepts Pty Limited, has developed a fully electric, light weight medium compact vehicle capable of driving over all terrain from…

Fleet selects California company as satellite builder

Adelaide’s Fleet Space Technologies has selected California-based Tyvak International to mass-produce satellites for Fleet’s Low Earth Orbit nanosatellite constellation. The selection was revealed on social media by South Australia’s Department for Trade and Investment. The Department said: “It’s onwards and upwards for these two companies who are rocketing into space and proving that South Australia’s…

Manufacturing news briefs – stories you may have missed

Phoslock wins Rio contract Large-scale water treatment company Phoslock has won a $2 million contract to clean up one of Rio de Janiero’s main drinking water reservoirs. The company, which does most of its business in highly-polluted Chinese waterways, will bind and remove phosphorous from the reservoir operated by utility Cia Estadual de Águas e…

Titomic and Thales partner in titanium soldier equipment

Additive manufacturing technology company Titomic has partnered with French defence giant Thales to manufacture lighter and stronger titanium equipment for soldiers. Under the agreement Titomic will use its Titomic Kinetic Fusion (TKF) manufacturing process to develop ways for Thales to produce soldier weapons systems for the Australian and UK defence forces. The TKF process is…

Critical minerals are vital for renewable energy. We must learn to mine them responsibly

As the world shifts away from fossil fuels, we will need to produce enormous numbers of wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicles and batteries. Demand for the materials needed to build them will skyrocket.

Archer progress on creation of quantum computer chip

Archer Materials (ASX: AXE) has begun the next stage of its planned development of a quantum computer chip, Archer’s CQ room-temperature qubit processor. The company has begun the quantum measurements required to build a working prototype of the chip and plan integration of modern devices. Archer, one of two Australian companies developing quantum chips, uses…

Profiles of success: AML prepares to go public, says standards are key to commercialisation   

There has been a series of successful IPOs for high-tech Australian manufacturing companies in recent months, including Carbon Revolution, K-Tig and Amaero Engineering. 3D printing bureau AML3D hopes to add to this, with a place on the ASX planned for March. Founder and managing director Andy Sales agrees that investors are keen on sophisticated manufacturers…

XTEK to launch new body armour for women

Canberra and Adelaide defence equipment supplier XTEK (ASX: XTEK) will launch three new products at Shot Show, the world’s largest shooting and hunting outdoor show to be held in Las Vegas later this month. The producer of ballistic products, unmanned aerial vehicles and advanced composites will launch new soft body armour designed for female users…

Radio astronomy investments open way for industry

Two new instruments to be built for Australian radio astronomy facilities have the potential to create new spin-off industrial opportunities. Australian Research Council Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grants have been awarded to develop a new receiver for the Parkes radio telescope, and a new digital signal processor for the Australia Telescope Compact Array…

Spectur’s IoT security sales accelerate

Off grid security and IoT solutions provider Spectur (ASX: SP3) has reported its best quarterly sales performance as uptake of the company’s products begins to accelerate. Spectur, which makes IoT connected solar powered security camera installations for unpowered areas, booked its first positive quarterly cash flow in the latest quarter with cash flow from customers…

Silex’s new move in uranium enrichment technology

Silex Systems (ASX: SLX) and a Canadian nuclear fuels manufacturer have joined in the latest twist in Silex’s long drawn out attempt to commercialise its laser uranium enrichment technology. Silex and Cameco Corporation have signed a binding agreement with GE-Hitatchi Nuclear Energy for the purchase of its 76 per cent share in Global Laser Enrichment.…

The new battery metals supply chains – infographic

The world is rapidly shifting to renewable energy technologies. Battery minerals are set to become the new oil, with lithium-ion battery supply chains becoming the new pipelines. China is currently leading this lithium-ion battery revolution—leaving the U.S. and its allies including Australia dependent on imports. However, there is pressure to develop our own domestic energy…

Calix joins Future Battery Industries CRC as key participant

Listed Australian technology company Calix (ASX:CXL) has announced it has joined the Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FBI-CRC) as a key participant.

“Seeing the Future: the Bionic Eye and Beyond” – VIDEO

An update on the progress and future of the bionic eye – a prototype of which has restored “a sense of vision” to blind patients – has been given by the lead on the project at the Centre for Eye Research Australia and is now available.

Making things with light: engineer returns home to develop ‘genuine 3D printing’

Inventor Timothy Scott is commercialising a new 3D printer and resins, with speed, strength and other possible advantages over current light-based approaches. Brent Balinski spoke to Scott about the possibilities of volumetric production.  

Cyber security training centre to fuel growing industry

A cyber security training centre has opened in Adelaide, South Australia, to help provide the next generation of professionals to the growing industry.

Smaller manufacturers and the big challenge of digitalisation

It’s been said that Australia’s population of enterprises has a “missing middle.”    Within manufacturing, there is certainly a heavy weighting towards the smaller end of town. A count published in the Australian Industry Group’s Australian Manufacturing in 2019 report found that of 47,530 employing companies, 87 per cent were between 1 and 19 employees…

Adding more layers: plenty of room left to innovate with polymer 3D printers

As the market for additive manufacturing has exploded in recent years, so has the range of solutions available. Driven by a need for answers to various limitations, a proverbial 1,000 flowers have bloomed among machine providers.   Newer techniques inspired by metal injection moulding, jetting with binders, and fast curing of polymers using light and…

Behind those headlines. Why not to rely on claims robots threaten half our jobs

By Michael Coelli, Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne and Jeff Borland, Professor of Economics, University of Melbourne Should we believe headlines claiming nearly half of all jobs will be lost to robots and artificial intelligence? We think not, and in a newly released study we explain why. Headlines trumpeting massive job losses have been in abundance…

Our ability to manufacture minerals could transform the gem market, medical industries and even help suck carbon from the air

By Anita Parbhakar-Fox, Senior Research Fellow in Geometallurgy/Applied Geochemistry, The University of Queensland and Paul Gow, Principal Research Fellow, The University of Queensland Last month, scientists uncovered a mineral called Edscottite. Minerals are solid, naturally occurring substances that are not living, such as quartz or haematite. This new mineral was discovered after an examination of the…

Focus the key to collaborative projects

Brent Balinski spoke to officials from Singapore’s science and research agency about collaborative R&D approaches at one public/private centre focussed on advanced manufacturing.

Titanium membrane filters find new industries

Titanium filtration membranes originally designed for the wine sector are being adapted for a new range of industries including oil, wool and water.

What’s at stake in Trump’s war on Huawei: control of the global computer-chip industry

By Clinton Fernandes, Professor, International and Political Studies, UNSW Silicon Valley may now be more popularly associated with software companies such as Google and Facebook but it takes its name from the material most used to make semiconductors. Semiconductors – or computer chips – power everything from mobile phones to military systems. The semiconductor industry…

Singapore’s industrial transformation

Brent Balinski spoke to Singapore Manufacturing Federation President Douglas Foo about keeping the sector relevant.

2021: a space business’s odyssey

Despite a recent mishap, Gilmour Space Technologies’ goal of offering commercial trips to orbit in 2021 is unchanged. Brent Balinski spoke to founder and CEO Adam Gilmour about the need for local launches, the $150 million federal boost to space companies, and the enduring mystery of a recent award nomination.  

Why are scientists so excited about a recently claimed quantum computing milestone?

A quantum computer may have solved a problem in minutes that would take the fastest conventional supercomputer more than 10,000 years. A draft of a paper by Google researchers laying out the achievement leaked in recent days, setting off an avalanche of news coverage and speculation.

Two local companies chase quantum computing success

Analysis by Peter Roberts A second Australian would-be quantum computer developer has emerged just as a well-known university spin-out in the fast-growing area raises $22 million in venture capital. Two year old Q-CTRL, a spin-off from the University of Sydney’s Quantum Science group, has raised $22 million in venture capital to advance its work. This…

Don’t get run over by digital (4.0) technology!

We are entering a new era of business related technologies that will change how very many of us work, how business models operate, and which of these business approaches wins and loses.

ETSI moves to standardise IoT for emergency comms

By Stuart Corner of IoT Australia ETSI has taken its first steps towards developing standards for IoT applications in emergency communications, issuing a report that looks at how IoT can be used in all types of emergency situations, such as emergency calling and mission critical communications. It also envisages a new use case: automated emergency…

What is the construction industry trying to learn from advanced manufacturing?

Techniques borrowed from the world of manufacturing could make the building industry more “efficient, connected and customer-centric.” Brent Balinski spoke to Monash University’s Professor Mathew Aitchison about the topic, as well as why prefabricated housing is a tricky business.   Those who study it have sometimes lamented the low levels of productivity growth and technology…

Australia should explore nuclear waste before we try domestic nuclear power

Last year Australia sold more than 7,000 tonnes of uranium, at a value of nearly A$600 million. This uranium produced nearly as much energy as Australia uses in a year, but with less than 10% of the carbon dioxide from coal-fired power stations.

Mapping magnesium: materials engineer discusses alloy breakthrough

Professor Jian-Feng Nie of Monash University’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering led a recent discovery for magnesium alloys. He shares some context for the results with Brent Balinski.

Tiny solution to dissolving microplastic pollution

The lead researchers from the University of Adelaide in South Australia say by-products created in the breakdown process could also be harnessed as an energy source for microorganisms that the polluting plastics currently plague.

How Australia can make AI work for our economy, and for our people

The idea of robots taking our jobs is not radically new.

Boffins and business – the tough journey from lab to market

Brent Balinski spoke to CSIRO ON’s David Burt about the challenges involved in commercialising scientific achievements.

CRC aims for backing to boost “advanced manufacturing of buildings”

The $28 million, 28-member Building 4.0 Cooperative Research Centre bid will be announced on Friday, led by Monash University, Lendlease, Donovan Group and University of Melbourne.

…because they are hard

It is moonwalk month. On July 20, everybody except the moon landing truthers can celebrate 50 years since Aldrin said those immortal words to Armstrong, “After you, Neil…”  *)

Micro-X brings carbon nanotube production in house

Hi-tech company Micro-X will bring the design and manufacture of its next generation of carbon nanotube X-ray tubes in house to give it greater control over its operations.