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VAILO launches latest luminaire

Manufacturing News

LED stadium lighting manufacturer VAILO has announced a new 1000-watt, zero-tilt variant of its Zenith Gen-V flagship luminaire, which it says is designed for airport aprons, sea ports, court sports and areas where precise light control is essential. 

The release highlighted the business’s dedication to continuous R&D, according to CEO and founder Aaron Hickmann.

It follows the March launch of a PC amber variant of Gen-V, designed to better suit wildlife-sensitive areas.

“Thanks to invaluable client feedback, our engineering team is constantly at the forefront of  innovation, creating new products and enhancing our existing offerings,” said Hickmann in a statement on Tuesday.

“We are also developing a new sports lighting control  system, advanced bracket, and the next-generation luminaire.”. 

The new luminaire had been engineered to “minimise upward waste light”, added Engineering and Production General Manager Phil McKenzie, addressing light pollution concerns.

“The Zenith Gen-V Zero Tilt ensures that all light is precisely directed where it is most needed,  enhancing visibility and safety without contributing to skyglow,” said McKenzie.

VAILO (formerly VALO) is headquartered in Adelaide’s Norwood and was established in 2012, before evolving from an import business to a manufacturer a decade after that. It has been on @AuManufacturing‘s Australia’s 50 Most Innovative Manufacturers list in 2023 and 2024.

Picture: credit VAILO

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