Xtek makes first commercial sale of armour produced through proprietary curing tech

Composites technology company Xtek (ASX:XTE) has achieved what it says is a small but important first commercial order for armour parts produced using its XTclave curing system.

The buyer is named as Tote Systems Australia, which will use Xtek’s lightweight ballistic armour plates in a soft armour and tactical vest system. The end product will be supplied to an unnamed Australian law enforcement unit.
Delivery of the plates was expected at the end of FY2020.
Managing director Philippe Odouard said the order represented a significant milestone for the company.
“Until now, orders received were used for testing and validation; this important order will be deployed for use in law enforcement in Australia,” Odouard said in a statement.
“This represents an external validation and a strong indicator of more orders to come from the industry both domestically and globally.”
Xtek held a launch of its new Adelaide manufacturing site last month.
An @AuManufacturing interview with Odouard about Xtek’s novel liquid-based, ultra-high-pressure curing technique and its ambitions to be a leader in armour products, can be read here.
Picture: Xtek’s SAPI plates for defence (www.monch.com)
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