AML3D awarded European process patent


Additive manufacturing company AML3D has announced that it has been granted a European patent for the company’s Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM) process. 

The European Patent Office patent is aligned with an Australian patent granted in June 2021, the company said in a statement on Tuesday morning, and “provides coverage over AML3D’s method and apparatus for manufacturing 3D metal parts.”

AML3D’s process uses wire arc welding and robotics to build up large format parts layer-by-layer, and is the basis for its ARCEMY production systems.

It said the European process patent came with further validation of “market leadership in advanced metal 3D printing  solutions” and made it “the only additive manufacturing company to be granted a European process patent”.

“The market demand for advanced wire feedstock additive manufacturing… that can address supply chain risk, deliver time and cost savings and better ESG outcomes continues to accelerate,” said interim CEO Sean Ebert. 

“This additional  international process patent protection will further strengthen our position in a significant and  growing addressable market.”

The patent follows news last week that AML3D made its second sale of a large-scale ARCEMY system to a defence customer in the US.

AML3D added that ARCEMY sales to defence, marine and aerospace businesses in the US remained the focus, though planned, “over the medium term, to leverage its European technology leadership and US scale up playbook to target sales to OEMs” supporting those sectors in Europe.

Picture: AML3D

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