Carbonix to supply drones to Fugro


Dutch surveying and geotechnical services company Fugro is partnering with Australian drone manufacturer Carbonix to establish a new Australian long-range drone capability.

In what is Fugro’s first partnership working towards long-range Beyond Visual Line of Sight missions (BVLoS), Carbonix will supply Volanti (pictured) and Ottano vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drones over the next 27 months.

These will bolster Fugro’s existing Geographic Information System (GIS) capability, enhancing Fugro’s remote operations servicing offshore oil and gas, power, mining and infrastructure development.

Fugro operates a global network of nine remote operation centres (ROCs), controlling boats and remotely operated vehicles for survey, inspection and piloting services to the maritime industry across the world.

In June Fugro Australia Marine was awarded $4.5 million to help establish the Australian Space Robotics, Automation, and AI Command Control Complex (RAAICC) in Perth.

Carbonix will support Fugro’s Australian long-range maritime and land projects from the sky, using state-of-the-art aerial surveying and data capture technology, while integrating with Fugro’s ROCs for the joint development of systems technology and capabilities.

Carbonix CEO Philip van der Burg said: “Carbonix has the vision to become a leader in long-range aerial data acquisition solutions enabling our business partners to become more effective in serving their customers.

“The partnership with Fugro will allow both our companies to align in enhancing their existing capabilities and market opportunities.

“It’s exciting to see how our vision aligns with our industry partner’s investments, their resources, and the future of their capability.”

Furgo Director of Remote Operations APAC Paul Mullins said as Fugro expanded its remote operations capabilities into the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) sector, the Carbonix partnership helped the company continue to offer our clients the latest technology available.

“A The RPA advancements provided by Carbonix combined with Fugro’s remote operations infrastructure and expertise create the ideal habitat to progress BVLoS operations in Australia.”

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Picture: Fugro/Volanti – vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone

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