EOS combines lasers and bullets to kill UAVs (drones)


Defence manufacturer Electro Optic Systems has launched a new weapon system that combines lasers and machine guns and cannon to detect and destroy hostile drones in the battlefield.

The company has previously demonstrated a combination of directed energy (laser) and 30mm cannon systems at its Canberra test facility (pictured).

However EOS Defense Systems USA has now combined the systems into a single variant of its flagship R800 remote weapon system (RWS) which is the company’s largest and best-selling weapon station.

Combining detection sensors, complex targeting software and now, both bullets and cannon shells as well as energy as weapons, the new system is believed to be unique in the defence world.

The system was revealed at the AUSA 2023 defence show now on in Washington DC.

The R800 is fitted with Mk44S Bushmaster 30mm automatic cannon, M240B M240B 7.62mm machine gun and a 1Kw laser system, with the laser capable of blinding the optics of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and ATGMs.

EOS in Australia has demonstrated the 1Kw laser is powerful enough to disable small drones, and is now developing more powerful lasers which could enable the new R800 to destroy even large craft.

The 1Kw laser has successfully disabled Group 1 drones weighing less than 9kg at an effective rate of 20 drones/minute at ranges beyond 1,000 meters, according to the company, suggesting it is effective against an attack by a swarm of small drones.

At that time Chief Executive of EOS Defense Systems Grant Sanderson, said the introduction of the DE capability provides the company’s Titanis drone defence system with multiple options for dealing with each type of drone threat. E

Sanderson said: “EOS DE systems have already demonstrated the ability to disable or degrade a drone’s sensors to prevent intelligence gathering or precision engagement with lethal force by drones.

“These latest results show that large numbers of drones can be directly neutralized by EOS defensive systems.”

EOS RWS systems are entering service in Ukraine, where they are either mounted on the Australian Bushmaster armoured vehicle or – with the company’s smallest system – mounted on the tray of a commercial utility vehicle.

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Picture: Electro Optic Systems/An operational directed energy (DE, laser) beam director demonstrated in Canberra

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