GMG moves novel graphene/aluminium batteries to “BTRL 4”


Brisbane-based, Toronto-listed Graphene Manufacturing Group has given an update on the Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery technology being developed with the University of Queensland, sharing that it has made “significant” developments in maturing the electro-chemistry and assembly of prototype pouch cells.

In a statement on Monday (Brisbane time), GMG said it has made initial graphene aluminium-ion (G+AI) batteries in pouch cells “with a storage capacity of over 500 mAh, with a nominal voltage of ~ 2 volts” and had progressed assembly of cells with more than ten layers of graphene-coated cathode and aluminium foil anode.

G+AI batteries have claimed benefits over lithium ion including in safety and charging speed, and in aluminium being about ten times cheaper and 1,000 times more available than lithium.

The next step would be optimising the assembly techniques for prototypes “to achieve repeatable storage capacity of over 500 mAh cells” to then “conduct a variety of standard testing conditions for comparative purposes”, said GMG. 

Further than that, it intends to pursue cells with over 20 double-layers to get a storage capacity of 1000 mAh, “using an automatic coating machine, cathode laser cutting equipment, and a semi-automatic stacker, to achieve reproduceable cells for validation trials.”

This would meet an objective of a joint development agreement with Rio Tinto of repeatable capacity of 1000 mAh by H1 2024, then production of these pouch cells at scale by H1 2025 of advanced customer testing.

GMG put progress at “Battery Technology Readiness Level” 4 (see diagram below.)

“The Battery Component Readiness Level (BC-RL) Framework: A technology-specific development framework”, Matthew Greenwood et al

GMG is also commercialising graphene-based products including new coatings and automotive lubricants. The company was given approvals under the new Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS) in February, which included scaling up graphene powder production to as much as ten tonnes per annum.

Pictures: credit GMG

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