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GreyScan’s explosives detector accepted by TSA for demo planning

Manufacturing News

Explosives detection device company GreyScan Detection has announced that its ETD-100 solution has been accepted by the United States Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Innovation Task Force (ITF.) 

GreyScan is a spinoff of commercialisation business Grey Innovation and uses capillary zone electrophoresis techniques for detecting trace quantities of inorganic explosives.

The company said on Wednesday (Australian time) that acceptance by ITF is for demonstration planning, and follows a submission to the TSA’s Innovative Demonstrations for Enterprise Advancement (IDEA) Broad Agency Announcement (BAA).

“It is with great pride and enthusiasm to announce GreyScan’s engagement with the TSA Innovation Task Force,” said Mo McGowan, Chief Executive Officer at GreyScan Detection in a statement. 

“We are honored by this opportunity and look forward to showcasing our products globally. Our team is fully committed to delivering innovative solutions and deeply appreciates this opportunity.”

According to the company, the ETD-100 (pictured) is known for attributes such as its speed, precision, portability, and ease of operation, and has been engineered to enhance security measures across diverse checkpoint environments. 

Picture: credit GreyScan

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