Analysis and Commentary

K-Tig leads a group of Australian industrial technologies

Analysis and Commentary

By Peter Roberts

It is fair to say that Australia is a country that has not always valued its manufacturing sector, yet we seem nowadays to be producing more than our fair share of innovative industrial technologies.

A few recent examples to mind:

  • Calix and its low emissions cement and lime production
  • PPK Group and its stable of companies including BNNT Technology, Li-S Energy White Graphene Ltd and Strategic Alloys
  • Carbon Revolution and its unique one piece carbon fibre road wheels
  • Tritium whose fast DC electric vehicle charger has seen it list on NASDAQ with a war chest of $520 million.
  • SEA Electric and its electric truck drive train which has emerged as one of the leading systems globally
  • And Micro-X and its carbon fibre nanotube X-Ray emitter.

High-speed welding technology developer K-TIG is one reported on by @AuManufacturing regularly, with the latest news the establishment of a US operation and supply chain.

K-TIG is commercialising a CSIRO Keyhole TIG technology that welds 100 times faster than traditional processes and operates twice as fast than plasma welding.

Now the company has signed a distribution agreement with DT Gruelle Group which will manage K-TIG’s supply chain, reducing welding unit and spare part delivery times to less than 24 hours in the US.

Perhaps it is the very fact that manufacturing in Australia sometimes so perilous that we are spawning genuine innovations.

Perhaps it is the fact that our manufacturers must see the world as their market from day one that local developments are getting world attention.

Or perhaps it is simply that, other than those manufacturers in comfortable niches, those prospering in Australian manufacturing today are simply highly competitive. They have to be.

Picture: K-TIG

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