New AUS-Semiconductor-Community launches


The founders of a new place to keep tabs on the Australian semiconductor industry, titled AUS-Semiconductor-Community, are inviting anybody who is curious to join the discussion.

The Discord server was created by technology industry veterans Mike Nicholls, Partner at Main Sequence, and Glenn Downey, Executive Director of The Maltby Group and an occasional contributor to this website, with a goal of helping to “bootstrap collaboration and projects in the fledgling Australian semiconductor industry.” 

Main Sequence is pretty well the only venture capital fund with a focus on semiconductors in Australia and Glenn has had a long involvement in the semiconductor space back to the days when they were first rolling out the internet,” Nicholls tells @AuManufacturing

“Our objectives are to help grow the ecosystem, launch semiconductor design and related companies, grow the capabilities of our semiconductor workforce, both training new chip engineers and importing semiconductor talent, and help industry grow their capability to build new devices in this space and eventually one day maybe even manufacture semiconductors here in Australia.”

The group features a few well-known Australian researchers and industrialists working in the field, hobbyists, and others, and has been active since February.

Those wanting to stay up to date on the semiconductor industry – a genre of manufacturing underpinning our modern lives and whose strategic importance has come into focus recently – can join the server here.

Picture: credit Narumon Bowonkitwanchai/Moment/Getty Images

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