New diode manufacturing process attracts grant support


A research team led by Queensland Semiconductor Technology (Questsemi) and Griffith University, and supported by Semefab Scotland, has been awarded an Innovative Manufacturing CRC grant to establish the manufacturability, performance, and characterisation of silicon carbide Schottky diodes.

Schottky diodes (pictured) are small semiconductor devices used in many power conversion systems.

Researchers at the Griffith University’s Queensland Microtechnology Facility (QMF), have developed a new technology allowing more productive fabrication of diodes.

“Manufacturing SiC diodes is complex and generally associated with high capital investment”, said David Fletcher, Director at Questsemi, in a statement.

“Unlike other SiC diode manufacturing processes, the technology developed by Griffith researchers uses steps that are common to standard Si wafer processing and thus dramatically simplifies the manufacturing process and associated costs.”

“SiC Schottky diodes play an important role in the semiconductor value chain, a sector often described as global engine for technology, economic and social progress.” added IMCRC Innovation Manufacturing Manager, Dr Matthew Young.

“Questsemi and Griffith University’s SiC technology will have a flow-on effect in the design, prototyping and fabrication of other semiconductor devices, creating new business opportunities for Australia.”

The project is valued at $1.3million and includes commissioning a pilot production facility at QMF to support commercialisation of the technology.

Funding support was provided through an IMCRC Activate grant. The Activate program, according to IMCRC’s website, offers “access to R&D expertise and matched cash funding between $50,000 – $100,000 for shorter-term, industry-led research projects.”

The program was launched last year and has supported projects by companies including Alcolizer and FormFlow. Activate is currently seeking applications.

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