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Russell expands range of mining mill lining machines

Manufacturing News

Mill relining systems Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Russell Mineral Equipment (RME), has expanded its mineral processing liner exchange machine range with new larger and more automated systems.

The expanded range introduces additional Russell Mill Relining Machine (MRM) models with an increase in rated capacity for medium to large grinding mills, made possible by a modular, AutoMotion-ready platform.

The Toowoomba, Queensland manufacturer is also offering a wider choice of Mill Liner Handlers (MLHs), including offerings for more cost-constrained smaller mills.

RME Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Engineer Dr John Russell described the new range as the embodiment of everything RME has learnt from manufacturing more than 550 Russell Mill Relining Machines (MRMs) for over 35 years.

Dr Russell said: “Mill relining is one of the most hazardous activities in mineral processing, and put simply, is the reason RME exists – to remove fatal risk through innovative solutions.

“So, if we are to deliver on our company purpose, then it stands to reason that we should work to solve the issue of safe and efficient relining of all mill sizes.

“There really is no such thing as a lightweight liner.”

Russell offers systems for liners that weigh between 180 or 9,000 kilograms.

“We have dedicated ourselves to the task of creating the industry’s highest quality mill relining solutions.

“I’m proud of the work our team has undertaken to open up our liner exchange solutions platform to ensure every mill and mine site can access safe, fast and reliable mill relining.”

Top of the range is the Russell 7 Model R AutoMotion MRM (pictured), recently announced as the world’s first roboticised MRM capable of relining from outside the mill.

The 7 Model MRM is reserved for unique, custom-engineered seven or eight-axis solutions for highly-specialised grinding mill applications

Along with the newly-expanded liner exchange machine range, RME has also released a new Russell All-Reach Grapple.

This innovative grapple increases the maximum lifting capacity of Russell MRMs to 9,000 kg, the highest in the industry.

“It also delivers extreme in-mill reach and precision control of liner orientation.”

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Picture: Russell Mineral Equipment/Russell 7 MRM

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