Zeolites to be trialed to curb methane emissions


Mineral processing technology company Zeotech is to proceed to an infield validation trial of its methane emissions control technologye at one of Cleanaway Waste Management’s landfills.

Developed at Griffith University, the technology has achieved ‘very promising results’ during testing according to Zeotech.

The test programme aims to develop zeolite-based technology (biofilter) to be deployed within the surface capping soil of landfills to adsorb and eliminate methane emissions through a process of chemical or biological oxidation

Methane is a greenhouse gas which has 28 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide1

The decision to advance the trial towards infield validation follows successful outcomes from extended methane oxidation trials undertaken during the testing programme.

Two of the company’s zeolite zeoteCH₄ products have shown constant high oxidation rates over a three-month period of greater than 70 percent following initial inoculation.

Zeolites contain aluminum and silicon compounds and are used in detergents and in water and air purifiers, and are also marketed as dietary supplements.

The products for infield validation are manufactured utilising the company’s Toondoon kaolin mineral and a coal combustion by-product from a South East Queensland generator, under a patent-pending process.

Griffith University, School of Environment and Science, Australian Rivers Institute’s Dr. Chris Pratt said: “Our most recent work has delivered robust constant methane oxidation efficiencies and strong methanotroph zeolite acclimatisation.

“The expansion of activity…ultimately achieved the outcomes required to move forward with infield trials at Cleanaway’s landfill site.”

Dr Pratt said the project could potentially contribute to Australia’s pledge to reduce methane emissions by 30 percent by 2030.

Zeotech Chief Executive Officer Scott Burkhart said the company was excited to be transitioning from the lab environment and moving into field trials to further validate its methane control solution.

Picture: Zeotech

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