Australian companies develop graphene-based solution to assist social distancing

Graphene applications company Imagine Intelligent Materials will demonstrate a new social distancing solution today at a cafe in Geelong.


The company’s On-Q-Mat uses a graphene coating to detect pressure and measure the distance between customers, letting them know if they are or aren’t following guidelines through a traffic light-based display. Graphene is a two-dimensional material made of a single layer of carbon atoms, with a collection of appealing electrical, mechanical and other properties.


According to Imagine Intelligent Materials — which developed the matting application with fellow Geelong business GH Commercial — the sensing material is an additional safety measure for businesses looking to operate with more confidence during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The company’s CEO and chairman Chris Gilbey said Imagine had already installed similar flooring systems in Europe to improve office management, and that the prototype on show on Wednesday represents “a life saver” for small Australian businesses.


“We [want] to see how consumers react to the mat and the traffic light system: it’s a very simple looking solution that has been years in development,” said Gilbey in a statement.


“We want to understand whether this simple system can make businesses, cafes and buildings in general, places that people will once again want to go to and feel safe in. We are starting active consumer research to the extent that is possible in a lock down environment, so that we can use the feedback to make changes quickly and then move into fast track major production.”


Gilbey’s company manufactures its graphene in Geelong, with a presence in Finland focussed on digital signal processing.


The demonstration will take place at 1.30 pm local time during rush hour at Cartel Coffee Roasters, located on Geelong’s Little Malop Street.




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