Australian semiconductor maker announces key commercialisation milestone with export of laser diode prototypes


Semiconductor developer BluGlass has announced shipment of its first laser diode prototypes to an unnamed customer.

In an announcement to the ASX, the company said the alpha products had completed “preliminary performance and life-time reliability testing” and could be used by customers to be integrated into their design and development cycles. 

Alpha-level products are advanced prototypes, still in the design phase. Those shipped were described as fully-packaged “405nm and 420nm single mode and multi-mode products.”

According to BluGlass President Jim Haden, the fact that customers were “anxious” to receive its alpha-level products was indicative of “significant unmet demand” for laser diodes within the 405nm and 420nm wavelengths.

These were, according to Haden, “demonstrating significantly improved performance, and now are suitable for customers to evaluate during their product and application development process. 

“We are working with several customers wanting to trial alpha laser diodes for innovative new applications, including medical devices, sensing, quantum computing, and automotive products.”

BluGlass has developed a Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) core technology for producing devices such as laser diodes, LEDs and microLEDs.

Picture: BluGlass

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