AML3D to build 35 cubic metre machine for Austal USA


Wire arc additive manufacturing business AML3D has announced an order for the largest machine it has built to date, placed by Austal USA through AML3D’s reseller Philips Corporation.

According to a statement to the ASX on Monday, the order is valued at about $2.2 million and is for a custom-built unit based on the company’s ARCEMY 6700 system. 

Payment will be half up-front and the balance paid after delivery, testing and commissioning, with this anticipated for mid-2024. 

AML 3D’s machines combine welding engineering, robotics and computer-aided design to build large-format additively manufactured parts. 

“Once installed, [it] will be the largest built to date, utilising an 11,000kg positioner and a linear rail of over 4 meters, creating a build volume up to approx. 35 cubic metres,” said AML3D.

The machine will reside at Austal USA Advanced Technologies’ facility in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“This second order by Philips’ over the past few months evidences the success of the reseller agreement with Phillips, which provides us with leverage their long-standing relationships with the US Department of Defense and their suppliers, enabling us to accelerate the development of a US ARCEMY sales pipeline to both Navy and its industrial base, said AML3D Managing Director Sean Ebert on Monday.

“As momentum within AML3D’s US scale-up strategy continues to grow, we are seeing the commercial benefits. Notably this order… demonstrates strong alignment of our strategy with Austal USA Advanced Technologies efforts to revolutionise the U.S. Navy’s supply chain through the implementation of additive manufacturing for castings, forgings, and fittings.”

The sale follows the July announcement of an industrial-scale ARCEMY X-Edition 6700 machine sold by Philips and to be located at the US Navy’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AM CoE, operated by Austal USA Advanced Technologies) in Danville, Virginia.

It also follows a sale by AML3D to US Navy supplier Cogitic Corporation worth approximately $2.5 million and announced earlier this month.

Picture: credit AML3D

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