Q and A with export champion, Flavourtech

NSW’s Flavourtech, a Griffith-based business making specialised machinery for “aroma recovery, extraction and evaporation solutions”, won the Manufacturing category at last week’s Australian Export Awards. Brent Balinski spoke to Paul Smith, Flavourtech’s Financial Controller, about the company’s expansion, its technology, and its success internationally.  

Job-shop innovation survey – How basic management principles can impact job-shop innovation in Australia

As we are approaching one of the busiest seasons of the year, it would be quite easy to assume one of the main things on your mind would be to clear the order book and get as many jobs out the door as quickly (and efficiently) as possible. Whilst undeniably an important part of job-shop success, it doesn’t tell us the whole story – you still have to explore new opportunities towards long-term growth whilst leveraging the flexibility that makes your organisation what it is in the first place.

Factory made buildings now close to reality.

The blurring of construction and manufacturing that is the growing trend towards off-site pre-fabrication is fast becoming a reality in Australia. From residential homes to skyscrapers, buildings are increasingly being made on production lines that resemble factory operations before transport to a site and assembly. The latest paradigm shifting building to open its doors, 25…