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FFW CRC appoints new head of food waste upcycling program

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The Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre has announced upcycling expert Francesca Goodman-Smith as the head of its “Transform” research theme.

FFWCRC CEO Dr Steven Lapidge said Goodman-Smith was an “obvious choice” to lead the program, which has the biggest share of R&D funding among the FFW CRC’s three themes. The other two are “Reduce” and “Engage”.

“She is literally writing the book on the emerging upcycled food industry as co-chair of the Upcycled Food Standards Committee in the Upcycled Food Association, USA,” said Lapidge of Goodman-Smith, whose appointment is effective April 6.

“Upcycled foods are a huge opportunity for food processing and manufacturing businesses here in Australia, using what would traditionally be seen as food waste and turning it into new innovative products.

“With Francesca at the helm, we are open to new businesses with new ideas, particularly large-scale industry research opportunities involving multiple partners to maximise impact.”

The CRC’s “Transform” projects include an effort between Swinburne University, Viridi Innovations, Austeng, Swisse and the Fight Food Waste CRC to harvest grape seed extract from pinot noir marc, and another including Mitolo, SA Potato Co and Adelaide University and aiming to turn waste potatoes into products such as starch for bioplastics.

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