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Hydrogen hopeful Hysata opens new factory, awarded over $23 million in project funding

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University of Wollongong spinout business Hysata officially opened its new 8,000 square metre global headquarters and factory in Port Kembla and was awarded over $23 million in government support on Monday as it progresses its high-efficiency electrolyser towards commercialisation.

The company, which closed a $42.5 million Series A round in August last year, said it was “poised to transform the economics of green hydrogen production”. It has previously said it aims to deliver hydrogen “well below” $2 per kilogram when it reaches manufacturing.

The federal government announced it will provide $20.9 million in funding through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to support Hysata in developing its water-splitters.

The Queensland government-owned power company Stanwell Corporation will also provide $3 million in support.

The project will see a five megawatt commercial demonstrator installation of Hysata’s technology at Stanwell Power Station, outside of Rockhampton in Queensland, after further R&D. It aims to demonstrate a 20 per cent increase in efficiency over electrolysers currently in use. 

“Hysata’s new facility in Port Kembla signals the next phase of our scale-up journey. Our plan encompasses the construction of a 100 [megawatt] per annum production line, with commercial-scale units scheduled for delivery in 2025, including the 5 [megawatt] electrolyser unit for Stanwell’s project,” said Dr Paul Barrett, Hysata’s CEO.

It hopes to reach “gigawatt scale” manufacturing by 2026 to fulfil demand for electrolysers, with a claimed “9.4 gigawatt pipeline of signed conditional orders and letters of intent.”

Energy minister Chris Bowen opened the factory, saying in a statement that he was “delighted to support game-changing, homegrown innovation that will power our future as a clean energy manufacturer and a renewable energy superpower.”

The company launched in June 2021 with seed funding from the IP Group and the CEFC – its first investment in green hydrogen.

Picture: credit Hysata

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