Sustainable fibres, 2D materials among new Industrial Transformation Research Hubs

Funding of $74 million to support eight new Research Hubs and eight new Training Centres has been announced under the federal Industrial Transformation Research Program (ITRP). Funding of $36.4 million for Research Hubs and $37.8 million for Training Centres would help create business and researcher connections and address strategic challenges at a national, regional and…

The world might run out of a crucial ingredient of touch screens. But don’t worry, we’ve invented an alternative

We have no guaranteed long-term supply of indium. It is naturally found only in tiny traces, and is therefore impractical to mine directly. Almost all of the world’s indium comes as a byproduct of zinc mining. Fortunately, we have a potential solution: my colleagues and I have developed a new way to make optically transparent and electrically conductive coatings without indium.