Emescent’s Hovermap goes on sale

Drone-based inspection and mapping start up Emesent has announced the commercial availability of their revolutionary Hovermap drone payload. The announcement, made at the International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) in Denver, Colorado, brings advanced autonomy capabilities to the simplest of drones. Hovermap includes a 360 degree capable LiDAR-based collision avoidance system, allowing drones to be flown…

Profiles of success: the Australian manufacturer making rubbish road ready

The concept of the circular economy has gained traction lately, as more people and the businesses that sell to them acknowledge growing populations and limited natural resources. Multinational brands are setting ambitious targets on reusable and recyclable material use. And ambitious countries such as the Netherlands are getting involved. The Dutch have committed to halve raw resource use by 2030 and to “achieve circularity”, or a completely circular economy, by 2050.