Is Industry 4.0 the most important economic and social topic for Australia?

Today I spoke at the National Press Club on a topic close to my heart: Industry 4.0.
I opened by saying that the most important topic the nation can focus on is preparing for the 4th industrial revolution – or as the Germans call it, Industrie 4.0.

NZ company develops face recognition for sheep

By Stuart Corner A Dunedin based company, Iris Data Science, aims to develop what it says will be the world’s first sheep facial recognition software, eliminating the need for electronic identification or ear tagging. It will prototype the technology this year after receiving a $40,000 grant from the New Zealand Government’s innovation agency, Callaghan Innovation,…

Suba Engineering ships first laser marker

Sydney’s Suba Engineering has taken another step in its journey from importer to fully fledged product developer and manufacturer with the delivery of its first SubaLaser industrial marker. Suba’s owner Heinz Zimmerman showed off the locally developed marker at his Melbourne office this week (pictured). Zimmerman said: “We showed our SubaLaser marker prototype just over…