Brent is a co-founder and editor of @AuManufacturing.

Are we moving into an era of regionalisation and reshoring?

By Brent Balinski It’s the hope of many Australian manufacturers that governments will appreciate the true value of purchasing locally, and that consumers will do the same. It starts at the top, believes Jason Riddle, co-owner and director at Toowoomba-based welder and fabricator JRS Manufacturing Group. “There’s so much work that’s currently brought in from…

Manufacturers’ appreciation of cyber-security “patchy”: NTT

NTT’s 2021 Global Threat Intelligence Report gave Australian manufacturers a cyber-security maturity score of 0.76 (down from 1.4 in 2019), below the APAC average of 1.98 and global average of 1.21 for the sector. (NTT’s assessment defines between 0 and 0.99 as “non-existent.”) Brent Balinski spoke to John Karabin, Senior Director of Cybersecurity at the company’s Australian operation, about the results and their context.

Want to know how Australian the contents of your trolley are? There’s an app for that

By Brent Balinski As has been said many times before, the pandemic has driven home the importance of local manufacturing. Consumers and others have responded. According to Roy Morgan research carried out in June last year for Australian Made, just over half of respondents had a higher preference for locally-made goods since Covid emerged, and…