Brent is a co-founder and editor of @AuManufacturing.

What is the construction industry trying to learn from advanced manufacturing?

Techniques borrowed from the world of manufacturing could make the building industry more “efficient, connected and customer-centric.” Brent Balinski spoke to Monash University’s Professor Mathew Aitchison about the topic, as well as why prefabricated housing is a tricky business.   Those who study it have sometimes lamented the low levels of productivity growth and technology…

Pressure and performance: Australian company pushes to be a global leader in armour

Brent Balinski speaks to Xtek’s managing director Philippe Odouard about the company’s curing process – which it says can produce lighter, stronger composite parts – and its potential applications in defence, space and elsewhere.

Companies coming around to plastic reuse

Brent Balinski speaks to Harry Wang, founder of Advanced Circular Polymers, about the company’s factory and serving manufacturers wanting to adopt recycled plastics in their products.   From kicks to shampoo bottles and beyond, there are signs that businesses are starting to commit to the use of recycled materials.   Adidas has a goal of…