Brent is a co-founder and editor of @AuManufacturing.

In the black: startup pushing ahead commercialising waste-to-activated-carbon technology

Environmental technology company Bygen is taking technology out of University of Adelaide labs and using it to give agricultural waste a higher purpose. Brent Balinski spoke to co-founder and CEO Dr Lewis Dunnigan about using almond shells and other ingredients to supply the growing activated carbon market.

Profiles of success: the regional electronics manufacturer that listens to trees

Award-winning electronics business ICT International launched its new production facility in Armidale last week. Brent Balinski spoke to co-founder and CEO Susan Cull about keeping customers in 55 countries happy while operating from “a small country town”.

Profiles of success: the juggling act of an Australian company trying to save the world

“The sun never sets on the Calix empire,” says Adam Vincent light-heartedly.    The general manager of R&D joined the company in 2010, five years after it began, and the same year it commissioned its first continuously operating plant at Bacchus Marsh.   Calix operates at nearly 20 locations globally, with its major R&D work…

Profiles of success: AML prepares to go public, says standards are key to commercialisation   

There has been a series of successful IPOs for high-tech Australian manufacturing companies in recent months, including Carbon Revolution, K-Tig and Amaero Engineering. 3D printing bureau AML3D hopes to add to this, with a place on the ASX planned for March. Founder and managing director Andy Sales agrees that investors are keen on sophisticated manufacturers…