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like trying to breed kangaroos on top of the Swiss Alps

There is a handful of Australian watch brands, but only one with a claim to producing their own components in-house. Since 2016 – and based on trial and error, given the intense secrecy of their international watchmaking peers – Nicholas Hacko Watchmaker has been developing its in-house manufacturing capabilities. It has invested around $4 million…

“We’ve only scratched the surface of the opportunity.” An interview with the new AFCG CEO about Geelong’s fibre future

It is hard to think of carbon fibre in Australia and not think of Geelong. It’s a material with countless uses – in cars, sporting goods, exoskeletons and beyond – and Victoria’s second city is home to the scientific, engineering and commercial expertise needed to develop it into the products of tomorrow.

Profiles of success: Aussie AV pioneer urges us to think our way to prosperity

Australia can claim numerous motion picture technology achievements. From the current work of special effects and animation houses Animal Logic and Rising Sun, to the Cineon workstation (which won a Scientific and Technical Oscar) developed at Kodak Melbourne, all the way back to legendary inventor Henry Sutton’s proto-TV.