Brent is a co-founder and editor of @AuManufacturing.

Four predictions for 2020

It’s the beginning of December, meaning it’s time for news websites and others to look back and make sense of the year that’s nearly through, or to speculate about the one coming up. We have the same access to a functioning crystal ball as anybody else, but will take a punt on four developments for 2020.

Making things with light: engineer returns home to develop ‘genuine 3D printing’

Inventor Timothy Scott is commercialising a new 3D printer and resins, with speed, strength and other possible advantages over current light-based approaches. Brent Balinski spoke to Scott about the possibilities of volumetric production.  

Pens and prospering as a manufacturer

Trajan has been developing a world-first blood sampling device for several years. Brent Balinski spoke to company founder and chairman Stephen Tomisich about the hemaPEN – which is about to gain registration here and overseas – and where Australian companies can be competitive.

Smaller manufacturers and the big challenge of digitalisation

It’s been said that Australia’s population of enterprises has a “missing middle.”    Within manufacturing, there is certainly a heavy weighting towards the smaller end of town. A count published in the Australian Industry Group’s Australian Manufacturing in 2019 report found that of 47,530 employing companies, 87 per cent were between 1 and 19 employees…

Geelong hemp processing business ramps up machinery exports

Textile & Composite Industries is exporting two of its D8 hemp decorticators to a farm in Pennsylvania.   The units, which retail for roughly $350,000, are the eighth generation of the machine, and are produced by Geelong engineering business Austeng. Founder of TCI, the late inventor Adrian Clarke, made his first machine in 1994.   …

Adding more layers: plenty of room left to innovate with polymer 3D printers

As the market for additive manufacturing has exploded in recent years, so has the range of solutions available. Driven by a need for answers to various limitations, a proverbial 1,000 flowers have bloomed among machine providers.   Newer techniques inspired by metal injection moulding, jetting with binders, and fast curing of polymers using light and…